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Police dispatched to wrong house

March 25, 2006


A one-block mistake led to a rude awakening Friday morning.

Nick Pierotti said he was sound asleep about 2 a.m. Friday when he awoke to police banging on his door. He said the police were shining bright lights into his house at 828 Ind., including his 11-year-old daughter's bedroom.

Police had the wrong house. The call was actually dispatched one block away to 828 La.

"He was knocking on my door instead," Pierotti said.

According to police spokesman Sgt. Dan Ward, some of the confusion occurred because the 911 call came in from Colorado Springs to check a person's welfare in Lawrence, but the phone went dead.

The caller was not sure of the address. Officers went to both locations. The correct address, Ward said, was on Louisiana Street, and the person there ended up being fine.


angel4dennis 12 years, 1 month ago

How scary for all of you. I am glad to hear that all involved are fine.

Steve Jacob 12 years ago

It's not like they busted down the door with a SWAT team or something. Give them a break.

Lorenzo_Teris 12 years ago

See, this is why I always sleep in shorts and a t-shirt (no matter what time of year it is)!!! I don't like the idea of someone kicking in my front door at 3 in the morning.....and there I am, laying completely naked in bed!!! And you know, more and more police officers today are women....which makes having a bunch of cops running around inside my house late, late at night, shining flashlights and using taser guns and whatnot, all the more embarrassing for a guy like me (the naked guy laying in bed).

doc1 12 years ago

Holy cow an honest mistake. Are there no better news stories. I have one. How about how teh UPS guy delivered a package to the wrong doorstep. Then smitty and janiebullinlawrence could make some conspiracy statements on how it was the police departments fault.

rousseau108 12 years ago

Actually, the article said the caller did not know the specific address, so the officers had a duty to check the possible addresses supplied. It's not dispatch's or the officer's fault, it's part of the job.

Confrontation 12 years ago

People on here would complain if the police did not act on the call and someone's body was discovered later at one of the two addresses. Those who are now complaining because the cops went to the wrong house would be the same ones who would yell because they didn't investigate the call. I hope all of you who bitch and moan about the cops are the ones whose call for help gets overlooked.

LawrenceKSisgreat 12 years ago

In regards to cop haters and cop lovers:

I am a BI-copper.

I hate em when I get a ticket.

I love em when they let me off or help me out.

Lorenzo_Teris 12 years ago


I think that the statement you made in your last post has a huuuuge hole in it.

I think that when any police officer anywhere in America gets a call (911 or not) to investigate something...he or she has no choice but to---at the very least---swing by the place and see what's what.

I mean, I don't hear too many stories (local or otherwise) of someone having called the cops for some reason or another........and the cops never showed up at all!!

Lorenzo_Teris 12 years ago

Here's my one and only real beef with the LPD....

Out on 6th Street (west of Dillons) where they did the widening project.....During the construction process, the LPD had speed traps set up there at various times of days and at varous times during the week. Hey, construction workers' lives were at stake and it made sense to me to have cops there making sure that people would go slow and be careful.

And I understand why the speed limit is being kept at 40 mph....because of future growth in that area.

Okay. Fine.

But these days, when I see (and I have seen this many times over the past few months) a cop parked in the shadows of that area at 11pm at night and he nails some dude going 52 in a 40 zone and it's just that dude and the cop around...and nobody just makes me laugh!! That area has become such a huuuge cash cow/cash register for the LPD!!! Oh, sure, they'll never admit to such a thing.....but it's true!!

Wilbur_Nether 12 years ago

Smitty wrote: "The LPD that has a high attrition rate. So many of our home trained officers move on to other police forces after a short time in Lawrence. None are killed, few retire each year but yet we have a high need to hire and train new officers. Why is that?

"I don't believe it is the street cop that is the problem here but the head of the department and his management style."

It could be that, instead of the head of the department being "the problem," that the turnover is largely due to this being an entry-level position. Hiring on with another community, esp. out-of-state, often results in a decent raise. One of the reasons the feds recruit out of the LPD ranks is due to the quality of training and development that LPD invests in its officers. Lots of reasons exists for turnover, and it is an error in judgement to conclude that the only--or even the primary--cause is any one of those things.

And what does the minimum GED requirement have to do with anything?

dozer 12 years ago

Jannie - I live in east lawrence, and I don't have any issues. Perhaps it is that dog of yours that keeps biting little kids.

dozer 12 years ago

I'm a bit confused, how does the above article about police knocking on a door for a welfare check relate to SWAT busting down your door, shooting you if you're native american, accusing you of selling crack if you're black, and stack charges on you if you are poor, etc, etc. Maybe it's me, but I just don't see that connection. Help me out Jannie.

dozer 12 years ago

OK, so point out the incompetency. The caller wasn't sure of the address, officers were dispatched to two possible locations. Stop the broad generalizations, point to the incompetence in how this specific situation was handled, or can you?

dozer 12 years ago

Read on Smitty, the article continues by stating, "The caller was not sure of the address. Officers went to both locations."

You still haven't told me how the officers were incompetent by going to both locations to check when the caller wasn't even sure of the address.

Abundance of caution is a more logical conclusion. Especially in light of the fact that the caller didn't know the address.

dozer 12 years ago

Again Jannie, can you give a specific answer as to how they were incompetent in this welfare check? It is a simple question.

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

wow, Jannie is really way off this time!

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