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Old home town - 100 years ago today

March 25, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World for March 25, 1906: "Mrs. A.W. Lamb received a telegram this morning stating that her brother, Sam Elliott, died this morning in Leavenworth. He had been ill for some time and had a number of relatives here. : The state of Kansas is getting tired of the way William Allen White pretends to be Gov. Hoch's friend while abusing him. Pretending friendship for someone he criticizes most is White's long suit. If he is going to fight Hoch, he should do it in the open. : Thomas Dixon's much-talked-about play, 'The Clansman,' drew two large audiences to the Bowersock Saturday. The play is well worth the price but not in the way its author anticipated. It preaches the danger of negro domination and urges race hatred as the only means of race protection. Some folks fear that the play will stir up dangerous flames in the embers of a passion that should be dead. We do not think so. It makes people think, but in a rational rather than emotional way."


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