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Scholars object to honor for Prince Charles

March 21, 2006


— A prominent Egyptian university wants to give Prince Charles an honorary doctorate today. But reaction from some Islamic scholars? No way.

The scholars say the heir to the British throne doesn't deserve the honor, which Al-Azhar University decided to give Charles in appreciation of the prince's interest in promoting greater understanding of Islam.

Several top lecturers at the university say Charles does not merit such a high award. "All that Prince Charles did is to say that Islam is the most widespread religion in the world, and that is a reality, not a discovery by the prince," said Abdel Azim el-Mataani, a lecturer in Arabic literature. "That is not enough for him to receive such a reward from the prestigious Al-Azhar University."

But a director at the university, Abdel Sabur Shahin, says Prince Charles has adopted "positions close to Islam and Muslims, something no one else of his importance has done."


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