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In the halls: Do you think it’s easier to have braces now than in the past?

March 21, 2006


Aniyah Cunningham, seventh grade, West Junior High School

"Yes. I think it's easier now because there are more ways to make them less noticeable."

Joey Passio, seventh grade, WJHS

"Yes. It's easier to get them put on and for them to fix them if there is a wire poking you or something."

Brian Proctor, seventh grade, WJHS

"Yes, because now you have more options like Invisalign."

Heather Woodson, seventh grade, WJHS

"I've never had braces, just a retainer. I think it will probably always be hard to have braces."

Henry Hodges, eighth grade, WJHS

"I guess so, but I've never had them. They have all sorts of new kinds of braces, like the clear ones."

Bailey Knowlton, seventh grade, WJHS

"Yes, because you can pick different colors than you could before."

Kaylyn Burden, seventh grade, WJHS

"Yes. I think it's easier because you can get invisible braces so no one can notice."

Harrison Longhurst, seventh grade, WJHS

"Yes. The technology is always getting better."


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