Quick cleanup

Local residents and city crews showed their community pride by helping the city quickly clean up after Sunday's storm.

Congratulations to Lawrence residents and city workers, all of whom have done an excellent job of cleaning up after Sunday’s terrific wind storm.

There was major damage in and around the city, but to a visitor unaware of the damage to specific buildings, the main evidence of the storm was the large number of severely damaged and uprooted trees and large tree limbs scattered in streets and yards.

By the day after the storm, however, neat piles of debris lined many streets where homeowners or renters had gathered tree limbs, cut up sizable trees that had been downed and stacked them to be picked up by city crews.

City workers were on the job quickly Monday morning and in the following days doing a great job of picking up the debris.

The city looked great considering the damage it had sustained, and it is good to see the pride residents have in doing what they can to make their community look good.

Again, congratulations and thanks to residents and city crews who have done such a good job of cleaning up after the storm.