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Loitering limits at shelter sought

Lawrence City Commission agenda highlights ¢ 6:35 p.m. Tuesday ¢ City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets ¢ Sunflower Broadband Channel 25 ¢ Meeting documents online at

March 13, 2006


Bottom line

Commissioners will consider approving a condition that would limit the ability of residents of the Lawrence Community Shelter from loitering in the shelter's yard or front porch area.


Commissioners last week granted the shelter near 10th and Kentucky streets a one-year extension of its use permit, but said they wanted a written loitering policy. City staff members are proposing that all residents be contained to a patio area on the back side of the building when they are outside. Neighbors in the area have expressed concern about loitering by shelter guests.

Other business


¢ proclaim the month of March to be American Red Cross Month.

¢ proclaim March 17 as the 19th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Consent agenda

¢ approve city commission meeting minutes.

¢ approve all claims.

¢ approve drinking establishment licenses for La Familia Cafe, 733 N.H.; Jazzhaus of Lawrence, 926 1/2 Mass.; Club 508, 508 Locust.

¢ bid and purchase items

a.) approve purchase of two used Highway Patrol cars from the state of Kansas for a total of $26,800.

b.) award bid for one Hook Lift Refuse Truck for Public Works Department to Roy Conley & Co. for $55,682.

c.) approve purchase of one utility service truck with crane for the Utilities Department from Westfall GMC Trucks for $85,819.

d.) approve the purchase of one Breathing Air Compressor for Fire & Medical Department to Conrad Fire Equipment Inc. for $41,235.80

e.) approve the purchase of furniture for Fire & Medical Station No. 4 from Design Business Interior for $29,402.37

f.) authorize city manager to enter into a $1.05 million agreement with Black & Veatch for engineering services to complete final design of Phase II of the Clinton Water Plant Expansion.

g.) authorize city manager to negotiate an engineering services agreement with Black & Veatch to design modifications to the anaerobic digester process at the Kaw Wastewater Treatment Plant.

¢ adopt the following on second and final reading:

a.) an ordinance establishing the city commission quorum at four commissioners.

b.) an ordinance creating a city misdemeanor offense for possession of marijuana.

c.) an ordinance providing an additional exception to the prohibition of firearms within close proximity to drinking establishments. The exemption will allow the indoor firing range at the Community Building to continue.

¢ adopt the following:

a.) a resolution establishing a public hearing date of April 4 for the improvement of Stoneridge Drive south of West Sixth Street.

b.) a resolution establishing a public hearing date of April 4 for the improvement of Stoneridge Drive north of West Sixth Street.

#c.) a resolution authorizing the conveyance of real and personal property of the Lawrence Holidome, 200 McDonald Drive, to the new purchaser as part of the termination of the industrial revenue bonds.

¢ approve a preliminary development plan for Lake Pointe PCD, a 4.72 acre retail and office development at the northwest corner of Clinton Parkway and Lake Pointe Drive.

¢ authorize the mayor to sign a release of mortgage for: Sharon Green, 225 N. Mich., and Eugene and Alta Wright at 1207 W. Fifth St.

¢ approve order of vacation for a portion of the right of way of 16th Street pending approval of final construction documents by the Historic Resources Administrator.

¢ authorize mayor to sign separation agreement with former City Manager Mike Wildgen.

¢ authorize city manager to execute agreement with Bert Nash Mental Health Center for homeless outreach services in the amount of $160,000.

¢ receive and approve Public Advisory Committee recommendation regarding the Wakarusa Sewage Treatment Plant.

¢ receive memo from Historic Resources Commission urging that a project by Lawrence Freenet to install wireless Internet transmitter boxes on downtown lightpoles be delayed until guidelines can be developed related to the installation of communications equipment in downtown's public right of way.

Regular agenda items

¢ consider approving condition on the Lawrence Community Shelter related to loitering.

¢ receive Lawrence Public Library expansion report and consider authorizing request for proposals from private developers.

¢ consider rezoning 19.5 acres from A Agriculture to RM-D Duplex, and 21.2 acres from A to RS-2 Single Family residential. The property is about a quarter mile north of West Sixth Street and west of Queens Road.

¢ consider approving text amendment repealing the 50-foot setback along West Sixth Street between Monterey Way and Wakarusa Drive.

¢ consider a motion to recess into executive session for 45 minutes to consult with attorneys for matters deemed privileged, for discussion of possible acquisition of real estate, and discussion of non-elected personnel matters.


bearded_gnome 12 years, 3 months ago

doubt this will help the problems of "loitering" since the bums and bumettes are loitering far beyond the front of the drunken/druggy shelter...i.e. at Vermont towers, downtown...etc.

bearded_gnome 12 years, 3 months ago

WOW! imagine that Smitty, you mean in rivercity... "hey, we got trouble...right here in rivercity...and that starts with 't' and that rhymes with " 'b' which stands for BUM!"

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