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More storms expected, don’t rely on sirens

March 12, 2006


With power lines down across the city - and more storms possible today - emergency officials were warning Lawrence residents not to rely on tornado sirens for weather alerts today.

Officials urged residents to pay attention to radio and television reports for news of additional severe storms.

Douglas County dispatchers said the area was under a tornado watch for the afternoon, with a "large, dangerous band of storms" due in the area after 2 p.m.

The afternoon storms could be more severe than the morning storms, officials said.


tpatric 12 years ago

A little off topc, but why the heck aren;t they burying lines in this town. I lose power everytime a bird breaks wind.

kansas_prairieland 12 years ago

Well, they had better get them things up and running again real soon, that's all I can say!!

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 12 years ago

Good grief, Bob. Read the news. The sirens have been damaged by the storm that came through this morning. Got coffee!

sd123 12 years ago

The winds this a.m. knocked over the power station the sirens run off of. They were giving us an F.Y.I. heads up that at least momentarily, the sirens are out of service. People should never rely on sirens alone. Our dog gave at least a 10 minute warning ahead of the sirens. I do have to say though, our P.D. did an exceptional job of going around town and using their sirens to tell neighborhoods of the impeding weather. Nice job guys and gals!

nut_case 12 years ago

I think the article is saying that because of the downed powerlines and damage already inflicted, don't rely on the sirens later today.

I did hear a good blast out of the local sirens this morning. Too bad the high winds had already passed through 5-7 minutes before the sirens even went off.

Maybe a better title would be "Don't rely on the sirens....ever"

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