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Seven deaths prompt ban on kite-flying

March 11, 2006


— The death of a 4-year-old boy whose throat was slit by a low-flying kite string coated with glass has prompted authorities to forbid kite-flying in eastern Pakistan.

Shayan Ahmad became the seventh kite-string victim in the nation's cultural capital, Lahore, in the past two weeks, prompting the Punjab provincial government to announce the ban late Thursday.

The edict came as the city prepared for the weekend festival of Basant, which features residents celebrating spring's arrival by flying thousands of colorful kites. Some reinforce the strings with wire or ground glass for dueling other kites and betting on who wins. When strings cross in the congested sky, the winner cuts loose his opponent's kite.

The seven victims, including another child, all were fatally injured as they rode on motorcycles.

Police have registered a murder case against the unidentified person whose kite killed Shayan but apparently have no leads.


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