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March 11, 2006


University Bridge Club announces the winners of its March 4 game. Hosts were Florence McNicoll and Virginia Williams.

Blue winners were Al Smith, first; Bebe Huxtable, second; George Bocquin, third; Gladys Dight, fourth; and Mary Jo Spotts, fifth.

Pink winners were Jean Khatib, first; Cathy Waller, second; Myrna Ikenberry, third; Aileen Bocquin, fourth; and Carol Smith, fifth.

Sgt. Samuel J. Churchill Camp No. 4, Department of Kansas, Sons of Unions Veterans of the Civil War will have a camp meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at Watkins Community Museum of History. The meeting is open to the public.

Roy Bird will give the program "The Many Faces of the Kansas Civil War." The presentation will be about Kansans whose lives were affected by the Civil War. Bird is a professor at Washburn University and the author of "In His Brother's Shadow: The Life of Thomas Ward Custer" and "Civil War in Kansas," both of which will be available for purchase and signature by the author.

The Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club played a stratified Mitchell movement at six and a half tables. Chris Lane directed the March 1 game. At North-South, Virginia Seaver and Chris Lane won first in A, and Harry Shaffer and Ed Howard won second. Eldon Herd and Patt Radford won third in A. Nita Scales and Carol Ball won first in B.

At East-West, Bebe Huxtable and Wanna Roszel won first in A and B. Cathy Blumenfeld and Lois Clark won second in both strata, and Paul Heitzman and Dave Piro won third in A.

The Wednesday Evening Bridge Club played two and a half tables in a Howell movement directed by Don Brennaman. Helen and Bob Huffman placed first and Jeff Rees and Charles Vaughn won second.

The Friday Afternoon Bridge Club's March 3 game was directed by Don Brennaman. Eleven tables played a stratified Mitchell movement. Harry Shaffer and Lynn Hui won first in A at North-South and Clara Elkins and Bob Dailey placed second in A and first in B and C. Dianne Childs and Judy Hildreth won third in A. Helen and Bob Huffman won second in B and C.

At East-West, Paul Heitzman and Dave Piro won first in A. Mark Osborn and Polly Schoning won first in B and second in A, followed by Shirley Reese and Betty Collier who won third in A and second in B. Lois Clark and Cathy Blumenfeld won first in C and third in B.

The Sunday Afternoon Bridge Club played a Howell movement at two and half tables directed by Jerry Sloan. Clyde Romer and Kent McCullough won first and Jerry Sloan and Jeane Landry won second place.

The Monday Evening Bridge Club played a stratified Mitchell movement at 11 and a half tables directed by Virginia Seaver.

At North-South, Terry Tolar and Harry Shaffer won first in A and Jeff Nash and Lois Jones won second. Barbara and Bill Hamilton won first in B and C and third in A. Mike and Cathy Blumenfeld won second in B and C.

Paul Heitzman and Donna Johnson won first in A playing East-West. Second in A was won by Jerry Sloan and Eldon Herd, and Ed Howard and Lois Clark placed third. Dorothy Netson and Barbara Merriam won first in B and C, followed by Mary Beth Treece and Mary Joyce who won second.


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