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Local teams successful at MAYB tournament

March 8, 2006


Lawrence Athletics hosted a MAYB tournament this past weekend in Lawrence. Games were played at three venues around Lawrence: Langston Hughes, West Junior High and South Junior High, on Saturday and Sunday. The Lawrence teams fared well having three teams finish in the top three of their age divison. The Sport 2 Sport Jayhawks took first in the fifth-grade division, the Kansas City Jayhawks took first in the seventh-grade division and the Lawrence Jayhawks took third in the eighth-grade divison.

5th Grade Boys

Sport 2 Sport Jayhawks

3/4 Jayhawks def Midwest Trailblazers-Blue 57-14

3/4 Jayhawks def Midwest Trailblazers-White 47-24

3/5 Hutch Warriors def Jayhawks 31-30

3/5 Jayhawks def Hutch Warriors 28-26

First place in division

7th Grade Boys

Lawrence Hoopsters

3/4 Hoopsters def I.C. Dogs 55-37

3/4 Mo. Got Game def Hoopsters 50-28

3/5 Manhattan Guns def Hoopsters 44-34

Kansas City Jayhawks

3/4 KC Jayhawks def Bulldogs 69-7

3/4 KC Jayhawks def Ravens 69-18

3/5 KC Jayhawks def Manhattan Magic 44-40

3/5 KC Jayhawks def Manhattan Guns

3/5 KC Jayhawks def Mo. Got Game 47-42

First place in division

8th Grade Boys

Lawrence Jayhawks

3/4 Jayhawks def Livin the Dream 67-11

3/4 Kings def Jayhawks 46-38

3/5 Jayhawks def Hays Trojans 53-38

Third place in division

5/6th Grade Girls


3/4 Topeka Wildcats def Flames 32-9

3/4 Salina Stangs def Flames 43-24

3/5 Midwest Trailblazers def Flames 36-14

3/5 St. Joe Hoyas def Flames 41-11

7/8th Grade Girls

Baldwin Ladyhawks

3/4 Wichita Slammers def Ladyhawks 47-10

3/4 SM Missouri Explosion def Ladyhawks 39-20

3/5 Desoto Wildcats def Ladyhawks 31-25


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