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In the Halls: What do you think is in style for spring?

March 7, 2006


Elena Diaz, sophomore

Lawrence High School

"I'd have to say really big white purses and flats. Ponytails are in for spring. You can make them classy or messy. It still looks good."

Cozette Howell, senior,


"A lot of high-heeled shoes, colorful pastel tops and jean skirts."

Evan Leifer, junior,


"Khaki cargo shorts and short-sleeved Polo shirts. That's about it."

Malcolm Brown, junior,


"Shorts and basketball shoes with baseball hats or do-rags."

Travis James, junior,


"South Pole or Sean Jean jeans and A-Shirts, white or colored."

Brandon Holland, junior,


"Shorts and sandals. Apparently trucker hats and aviator sunglasses are also in style."

Janae Colter, sophomore,


"Skirts again, but not miniskirts - just skirts in general. I think pink and brown will stay in."

Alicia White, sophomore,


"I think flip flops are out, and I'm thinking dressy flats. Nice flats in different colors. More conservative clothing in general."


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