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Study will examine traffic, development along U.S. 24-40

March 5, 2006


— An upcoming study of how to balance the needs of high-speed traffic with development pressures along the U.S. Highway 24-40 corridor in Leavenworth County could be completed by spring 2007.

The study will lead to recommendations on how to preserve high-speed travel on U.S. 24-40 without hindering development. The road is used by thousands of workers - including those from Lawrence - who commute to and from Kansas City.

Daryl Fields, a transportation planner with the Mid-America Regional Council, said the planned construction of a Kansas Turnpike interchange at Tonganoxie is expected to increase traffic on the road.

"That portion of Leavenworth County has seen growth in the last couple of years, and traffic flow has increased," he said. "It raises awareness in the region that it will become a corridor."

Under review will be the stretch of highway from Kansas Highway 7 west to the intersection of U.S. 24-40 and County Road 1, just south of Tonganoxie.

The regional council, Leavenworth County, the Kansas Department of Transportation and the cities of Basehor and Tonganoxie are partnering to pay for the study, which Fields said would cost between $200,000 and $250,000.

Ron Achepohl, assistant director of the regional council, said there wasn't a conflict between traffic and area development yet, but officials want to plan as commuter traffic continues to increase along the road.

"The county and KDOT are interested in preserving movement on that corridor, and are interested in addressing development in that corridor to keep traffic moving well," he said.

Representatives from each of those groups, except for Basehor, met Thursday in Leavenworth to review the project's scope and recommend changes. Minor tweaks are being made this week to the project's parameters, Fields said.

Requests for bids will be sent next month to consulting firms; they'll have 30 days to submit bids.

KDOT is slated to pay nearly two-thirds of the study costs. The regional council will contribute $20,000, and the remaining amount will be divided among Leavenworth County, Tonganoxie and Basehor.

County and city officials will be expected to make changes in zoning and subdivision regulations to comply with the study's recommendations.

Officials said the U.S. 24-40 study would include a "strong public involvement component" as well as feedback from local officials and the business community.

Basehor Sentinel staff writer Joshua Roberts can be reached at (913) 422-2168.


kansas_prairieland 12 years, 2 months ago

I still think that a Tongie toll exit is a good idea.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years, 2 months ago

Is there anybody who isn't looking for an exit when you enter the room, billy?

bugmenot 12 years, 2 months ago

actually reality, I think it's known as stupidity, nobody is trying to do what you say.

nonimbyks 12 years, 2 months ago

They better check for salamanders.

How about four lanes from Lawrence to Basehor?

Jamesaust 12 years, 2 months ago

Where's the interview with Les Blevins? While we're all feeding like hogs at the trough on our grandchildrens' money, why not an earmarked, demonstration project of a high-speed train between Topeka and KC? Better than a bridge to nowhere.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 2 months ago

Design I- 70 connectors north off a K 10 between Eudora and Desoto and bingo we have a Lawrence bypass. The beauty of this idea is that Leavenworth and JOCO might help with the finance because of a bridge over the river that would benefit all. Shawnee,Douglas,Leavenworth and Johnson County traffic benefit from this plan. Not only that South 59 traffic benefit as well.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 2 months ago

This is what the community is expecting:

A bypass is a road or highway that avoids (bypasses) a built-up area, town, or village, to let through traffic flow without interference from local traffic, to reduce congestion in the built-up area, and to improve road safety. In the Interstate highway system in the USA, bypasses and loops are designated with a three digit number beginning with an even digit.

Not This: If there are no strong land use controls, buildings are built along a bypass, converting it into an ordinary town road, and the bypass may eventually become as congested as the local streets it was intended to avoid.

Not this: Definitions of trafficway: ¢ Any road, street, or highway open to the public as a matter of right or custom for moving persons or property from one place to another. A trafficway does not accomplish the same effort as a bypass. It wouldn't be long before the trafficway will be very congested due to new housing(we cannot afford) and commercial strip malls. Why? Because Lawrence city activity is too close. The SLT at this location was obsolete and dysfunctional from day one. There is a traffic light at the YSI so called (dangerous) intersection on the trafficway. No way is this a bypass. This will not do the job. Developers will be asking for another south of the river roadway in short order.

A little history:

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