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Hearing officer upholds teacher’s dismissal

March 4, 2006


A 22-month-old dispute over a decision not to renew a Lawrence special education teacher's contract has been resolved.

Earlier this week, Lawrence school board members learned that a hearing officer had upheld their decision not to retain Bill Ricketts.

Ricketts had been accused of insubordination, inappropriate interaction with students and failure to follow students' Individual Education Plans.

The decision not to renew Ricketts' contract was made April 27, 2004. A due-process hearing was held in September 2004.

A ruling was due in February 2005, but hearing officer Loretta Moore, a former Washburn University law professor, cut off contact with both Ricketts and the school board, prompting complaints from Supt. Randy Weseman.

Moore's ruling did not include an explanation of her tardiness.

"I guess she didn't feel compelled to do so," Weseman said. "She ruled in our favor; that's all I care about."


macon47 8 years, 1 month ago

Bill was not perfect by any means, However, they begged Him to come on staff when they desperately needed some one to do The work no one else could or would handle. Once randy and his administrators positioned themselves into power. It was time to dump old bill. It shows how poorly the dairy barn Bunch treats the teachers. They get to lounge in their Cubicles and the folks on the front lines get shot at. Rank has privilege and they don't let you forget it. Most of them are just teachers that cant teach So they made them administrators.


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