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Hawkins, driver reach settlement on repairs

March 1, 2006


Lindsey Frye's car is going to get fixed.

Frye, the driver who told police that KU basketball player Jeff Hawkins struck her vehicle on Feb. 19 in a fast-food drive-through lane, spoke to Hawkins on Tuesday morning and the two reached agreement on his paying for the estimated $515.89 in repairs to her 2002 Kia Spectra.

Frye said she agreed to get two additional estimates on the repairs and send them to Hawkins and his parents, to whom Frye also spoke on Tuesday.

"They said they are more than willing to make sure damages are repaired," Frye said. "He (Hawkins) wanted to make sure I knew my car would get fixed." Frye and Hawkins had spoken on Monday night and came to no resolution.

Frye said her car wasn't damaged badly in the collision with Hawkins' vehicle - just scratched paint on one corner. But Frye as of Monday had not been able to identify the responsible insurance carrier. Hawkins was cited by police for not having proof of insurance and for leaving the scene of an accident.

The KU senior guard has declined comment on the situation.

"I can get the car fixed, and we can move on," Frye said.


dthroat 12 years, 2 months ago

Thank God, Frye can "get the car fixed, and we can move on." Can the LJW PLEASE do the same. To me this does not measure up to a story that is in the paper day after day. Granted this was a story that it happened but can we just move on now. Nothing to see here.... move along.

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