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Not all college students sex-crazed, study shows

June 25, 2006


— The two campus student groups that teach college students different ways to handle their urges start with the same evidence: Few of the students are as sex-crazed as pop culture and the media make them out to be.

"Most of my friends, they only have sex with one person or not at all," said student Allen Ratliff, who would like to make millions off a steamy campus tell-all.

But, he said, "Who wants to read a story about a bunch of people not having sex?"

In an anonymous 2003 survey, nearly half of University of Nebraska-Lincoln students who responded said they'd had sex with only one partner in the previous calendar year.

And 30 percent of the respondents said they'd had no sex during that year.

"I don't think just because somebody comes to college they suddenly go crazy," said Pat Tetreault, the university's sex education coordinator.

"The numbers bear that out. The numbers say our perception of high-risk sexual behavior doesn't fit the reality."


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