Protesters removed from Army recruiting office

They linked arms and chanted the names of Iraqi war dead

Police removed seven protesters who walked into the U.S. Army recruiting office at 23rd and Louisiana streets and began reading off the names of Iraqi civilians killed at Haditha.

After the reading of each name the group would chant: “Killed by the U.S. military.”

They read the list over and over and pounded on the office door of the recruiting station officer while he was on the telephone. Then police arrived.

When the protesters marched in they had linked arms and red substance smeared on their clothes. When police arrived about 1:05 p.m., the protesters dropped to the ground face down, arms linked, and continued reading the names from their list of Iraqi dead.

Police called for a prisoner transport vehicle, cleared a group of about 15 observers from the office and began removing one by one the seven protesters.

Dave Strano, a Lawrence anti-war activist, was the one reading the names.

The recruiting office has been an occasional target of protests since the Iraq War began.