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Budget ‘fix’

June 21, 2006


To the editor:

A person living on Social Security will not be able to live in Lawrence, Kan. Our city leaders have fallen behind for so many years.

They know the average citizen has phone, cable and electric bills; this is part of their everyday life. Hey! We can just raise everyone's electric, cable and phone bills. When a senior citizen gets into a tight budget, there is no place for that person to turn.

Our government took away the senior program for our high cost of prescriptions. We were forced to pay a monthly fee to the Part D plan that Medicare forced us to join.

This is not a free country. I worked hard for my Social Security and was led to believe it would take care of me in my old age. Our government, our city leaders, our health care managers have taken away every dime and more just to make our life as miserable as they can.

If they would have provided for the city's roads, the sewers, the everyday expenses that arise instead of dragging their feet each year, you know and I know that it would not be in the shape it is in today.

What do we have leaders for if they spring something on us like, "Utility franchise fees seen as budget fix; Move would increase phone, cable, electric bills" (Journal-World, June 16)?

A senior has no budget fix.

Cletis Converse,



Jamesaust 11 years, 12 months ago

" I worked hard for my Social Security and was led to believe it would take care of me in my old age. "

I'm not sure who the party leading anyone to believe that SS would "take care of" anyone. The SSA has always been very clear that it is only a supplement to individual means of providing for retirement.

I don't know how old this author is but I have a great-uncle who is well into his 80s. When he first started working, his weekly SS contribution wasn't even a dollar. Even during his peak earning years, it didn't amount to more than what an average 401k contributor puts aside today. I'm certain that he, like the author, worked hard to provide those contributions. But, both have received back - with interest - every dime and more.

The best thing that the SSA could do for people would be to compel them to sit down for an hour or two with a good financial model program and actually design for themselves the savings plan they need based on realistic assumptions about expenses. (Hmmm....HBO today or cat food in 20 years?)

Tony Kisner 11 years, 12 months ago

SS is a big pile of money to spend on those who vote most. As the baby boomers hit 65 watch what happens. They will demand free health ins., free prescriptions, and a nice monthly paycheck. To get it they will tell their congressman pay me for my vote or I will find someone who will. Those left out still working will have their payroll withholding jump to 30% or more. The social state is coming because those who control the ballot box will control the purse.

KsTwister 11 years, 12 months ago

People pay into SSA with every paycheck and with a yearly letter from SSA telling you what your retirement amount from doing so. Telling these seniors that they did all that for nothing now should have them feeling like they have been robbed and lied to. They contributed to their Social Security retirement--not you. 401k's are not as stable as they once were and if the company goes belly up there is no retirement most of these seniors paid into SS before company retirements became better monitored. Well said Mr. Converse there are many in this city in your situation. A few of us are sympathetic, that is more than you will get from the ones you and I both know will one day feel it too eventually.

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