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Topless club purchased so owners can close it

June 20, 2006


— A dozen business owners calling themselves the Last Dance Joint Venture say they're going to buy a topless nightclub in Fort Smith, and then close it down.

The group wants to make sure Stephanie's Cabaret never reopens as an adults-only business. The price for such an assurance? $700,000.

Developer Bennie Westphal, one of the 12 investors, said the location is too close to a school and a church. Westphal said the partners will likely seek to have the property rezoned and rent it to a commercial tenant.

"I think that's wonderful news," city council member Gary Campbell said. "I'm just delighted. That establishment has brought no redeeming quality to Fort Smith."


quigley 11 years, 11 months ago

Please dont get any ideas from this example. If everyone did this and strip clubs were erased, it would meen the end of mankind as we know it......or at least as I know it.

Linda Endicott 11 years, 11 months ago

So? If they own the property, they can do what they want with it, can't they?

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