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Fire officials want to hear from residents

June 20, 2006


Leaders of Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical want to hear what residents think about the department and its future.

The department will stage a public meeting at noon Thursday at Fire Station No. 5, 1911 Stewart Ave. Lunch will be provided.

A representative from the Commission on Fire Accreditation International will facilitate the meeting. Leaders are putting on the meeting as part of a process to develop a long-term strategic plan that will create measurable goals and objectives for the department. Leaders want to hear expectations, priorities and concerns that the department should be focusing on for the future.


maveric 11 years, 9 months ago

Why are the 3rd shift fire fighters allowed to sleep???? in response to the boardwalk fire and I am one of many that lived there, I along with many others there want to know why it to so long for you all to show up, first call came in at 1:15am about the fire, it was 1:25am when I called still no one therethat is ten minutes and why was the fire station at 6th and Kasold not there within the first call but the ambulance was it was the first one there even before the police and there is a ladder truck at this fire station why did it take so long??????? well I can say when the ladder truck got there they sure was yawning like they just woke up and why, hearing on my scanner it takes the dispatch 2 times before any firestation replies they are on the move and that is 10 minutes and within those minutes how many people have to suffer when the response time is to be 6-8 minutes, that is what was said in court and during investigation of fire, but this is a BIG?????, they called in Topeka, Overlandpark and all surrounding cities and staged them at Dillons on 6th& LAwrence Ave, why didn't the city so called fire fighters allow those many men and women fire fighters help, because I can say 522 and 524 fireside would of only got water damage and I would of lived with that but they never fought the fire to the fire like they are to do. Why is what I want to know along with allot of other tenants that got burned out why it took so long..... City needs to find out this reason instead of hiding behind the issue..!!

af193838 11 years, 8 months ago


I'm upset with myself that I just wasted a minute of my life reading your comment full of false information. You really should do a little more research if your going to criticize the men and women that worked so hard to help an ungrateful person like yourself. The firefighters on the so called third shift can't sleep because there is no third shift. The firefighters are there for 24 hours. Do you stay up for 24 hours at work?(I didn't think so) There are three different shifts on the department in Lawrence each rotate every 24 hours. So you should put that in your little book of facts. Also, Topeka was never called and the only department staged at Dillons was Lenexa Fire. And one other thing Mav why don't you call Lawrence Dispatch and get the real times! You just wasted alot of peoples times by making this comment.

reginafliangie 11 years, 8 months ago

Right on af!! Thank you for saying everything that I wanted too!! Every single thing you said is 100% true. I would also like to add that the other out of town agencies that came to help waited at Dillons to respond to other emergencies in Lawrence. I mean just because a building is on fire doesn't mean other places in the city dont need fire or ambulance personnel. There were other people who needed this service just as much at the Boardwalk people. So sorry the world didn't stop turning just for you. Also, some of those other agencies were setting up a landing zone to fly all of those burnt people to the hospital. Sounds like Maveric really needs to attend this meeting and ask these questions and get some "true" answers of times and etc since he seems like he wasn't treated fairly.

Scooter_Trash 11 years, 8 months ago

From maveric- "hearing on my scanner it takes the dispatch 2 times before any firestation replies they are on the move and that is 10 minutes and within those minutes how many people have to suffer when the response time is to be 6-8 minutes,"

They ARE enroute on the first dispatch, due to the way dispatch is set up they can't verblize it until the second dispatch. If you have paid attention to your scanner, you will occasionally hear a truck go enroute on the first one, then you will hear dispatch tell them that she hasn't dispatched anyone yet. Then you will hear the fire department go enroute again after the second dispatch.

GardenMomma 11 years, 8 months ago


Huh? Your post made no sense. Were you grumbling because you lived at 522-524 Fireside and are upset at the response time or something else? And what does "but they never fought the fire to the fire like they are to do." mean? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


You are completely right! Thank you. However, you must be a faster reader than I am because it took me two minutes to slog through maveric's post and I still didn't understand it.

indythinker 11 years, 8 months ago

Lets break this "10 minutes" down.

Minute 1: Fire! Oh, crap. Dial 911.... Minute 2-3: Dispatch takes caller information, enters in CAD (computer aided dispatch) Minute 4: 1st tone out. Sleeping FF's wake up. Minute 5-6: Don bunker gear and get in truck. Minute 7: 2nd tone out. FF's enroute Minute 8-10: Drive to scene.

I think 10 minutes is a completely reasonable amount of time.

afriend 11 years, 8 months ago

We have excellent Firefighters here in Douglas County! I have lived in lawrence Ks. all my 35 years They have always been very accurate with timing and that was before all the fire stations we have now! I think maveric is going on usumptions and not Facts,I have a close friend yhat died in the Boardwalk apart. Fire and I don't appreciate the lies maveric is spreading. Thanks for all you've doon and Do Lawrence Fire Fighters!!!!!

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years, 8 months ago

I do believe all first responder are great, they do put their live on the line every time there is a call. but as for all the other stuff I do not think the public is the people who really know. We do not understand what it is like, well I do not so just keep up the good work.

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