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Sixth St. station to replace damaged fuel tanks

June 14, 2006


Another gas station that spilled fuel when three of its underground storage tanks broke through the surface last year is slated to reopen before the month is over.

"The wheels of justice sometimes move very slowly," station owner Dale Miller said.

Phillips 66/Miller Mart, 3300 W. Sixth St., has been closed since September after a heavy rain floated three of its four fuel tanks to the surface, breaking through the concrete and spilling fuel from broken lines.

But today, the station is slated to receive new, custom-made tanks that will be anchored to concrete posts to ensure a heavy rain won't float them again.

The problem, Miller said, had to do with the former tenant.

"The tenant who was there wasn't keeping enough fuel in the tank," Miller said.

As for the spilled fuel, the state's Petroleum Storage Tank Release Trust Fund helped contractors working for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment clean up the leak.

The same fund is being used to pay for the cleanup at the Presto station on Ninth Street.

But Miller said his tanks didn't spill as much fuel as the thousands of gallons that came from the faulty Presto tanks - mainly, Miller said, because the spill happened when his lines broke, not from a leaky tank during a long period of time.

However, Miller did have to pay a $5,000 deductible and the cost of replacing the tanks.


Michael McClain 12 years ago

Makes you wonder if all of the gas tanks in town need to be changed!

parsimoniousjayhawker 12 years ago

Why doesn't KDHE require all fuel tanks to be placed above ground in a secure facility?

fletch 12 years ago

parisomonious: storing them abover ground is exceptionally dangerous, because you can never fully "secure" something that large above ground. An errant bottle rocket, some heavy hail, a car wreck, or any number of other small accidents could lead to a puncture, leak, or explosion. Worse yet, if you really wanted to blow it up, you could just aim your car at it and floor it. A shed wall or birck wall wouldn't stop somebody with motive. Underground tanks are the safer of two crappy options.

ASBESTOS 12 years ago

You weant them below ground. The thing that is causing the hazard and problem is KDHE UST program! They are causing the danger.

BTW this is not the only program to have problems in Kansas The Asbestos Program is in shambles too. IN 1999 they had 3000 plus reported project notifications and in 2004-2005 the came down to 1240 total. ALL buildings being demolished in Kansas must be notified and ALL renovations that are greater than 25 Ft. or 10 sq. ft. of friable acm are to be notified too. With all the construction going on and LOTS of demos, you can see that KDHE is falling off this program too.

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