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Should my faith affect my choice of careers?

June 10, 2006


God has a plan for us - even our careers

The Rev. Rick Burwick, lead pastor, Clinton Parkway Assembly of God, 3200 Clinton Parkway:

Of course it should, if we understand what the word faith really means. To assist us, let's look at the words penned by an unnamed author of the book of Hebrews: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

It says, "faith is the substance," meaning what I believe about God, about others and about myself. It also implies personal learned values on which we base our decision-making process.

That being the case, if we accept the word of God as being true, then we will place our faith in the reality that God's plan for our lives, including our careers (Jeremiah 29:11), will be in alignment with the way that we've been wired to think.

Our faith - and our beliefs - also affect our career choices in other ways. It would affect where (company, business, though not necessarily location) we work, who we work for, etc. We wouldn't want to work in an environment that is destructive to family values or work for someone who doesn't exemplify integrity.

In essence, to assume that a person's faith wouldn't affect their career choice would skew the meaning of faith and reduce our God-given abilities to think, feel, respond or react to a less-than-human level. However, the greater impact is when we discover that God's plan for our lives may be challenging with its ups and downs, as life is.

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God employs us to benefit his kingdom

The Rev. Alan Estby, campus pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church & University Student Center, 2104 Bob Billings Parkway:

My first job was gathering pop bottles on the beach in California when you could get a few cents for returning glass bottles to the store.

It took hours of walking the beach area, checking out the refuse bins and asking people if they were going to throw away their bottles or take them back home. It wasn't going to be much of a career, but it did provide some needed cash at times and gave plenty of fun in the sun and surf.

Since faith receives the gifts of God for our physical and spiritual well-being, I would have to say that I had total trust in God to provide for all my daily needs.

When faced with a career decision, one looks to God, who provides all things. One considers the talents and gifts given, which enables you to serve God and your neighbor in love.

God is able to use the faithful for the benefit of his kingdom. The fruits of faith are seen in the decisions that are made to glorify God and give thanks for all the blessings we receive through the object of our faith in Jesus Christ, his son.

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xenophonschild 12 years ago

God has a plan for your career? Not a trifle self-indulgent, are we? First, Jesus is dead. We wasn't god when he was alive. He was an illegitimate Galilean peasant who managed to get himself executed two thousand years ago.

Second, the abstraction that controls natural physical laws - that are inviolate in the universe - doesn't care about human beings any more than it does any other life form, or chemical process.

Wake up, and get over yourselves.

Daniel Speicher 12 years ago

What? No commentary on the ancient sky-god religions, xeno? Are we slipping up a bit? Perhaps getting tired of reading one's own drivel?

As far as God having a plan for a person's life? Absolutely! I believe we each have a calling in life (both personally and professionally.) God's plan leads to fulfillment, rejection of that plan leads to dissappointment. Yet, I would also contest that sometimes God is silent on certain issues and that there may be periods of time in which we are to do our best to provide in the midst of the unknown of where our lives are heading. In these times perhaps God is silent to teach us patience... Or, perhaps He is speaking and we are to listen more intently for His voice. Either way, when that voice comes and you hear it for the first time... Calling you to something that leads to fulfillment... Your life will never be the same again.

--Danny Speicher

PS -- Self-indulgent probably isn't the word you were looking for as much as self-centered or egocentric... And, it is quite the opposite, I assure you. To say that we need God to show us the path to fulfillment shows a great deal of humility to the only One who can see past our mortal view of "the present" into the eternal.

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