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Morrison fires opening shots in race

June 7, 2006


— Johnson County Dist. Atty. Paul Morrison, who switched to the Democratic Party, on Tuesday filed to run for state attorney general and blasted incumbent Phill Kline, a Republican who is seeking re-election.

"I'm happy to provide the voters of this state an alternative to Phill Kline," Morrison said at a news conference.

"If you were to scour the world, you'd have a very difficult time finding two candidates for this office that are more different than Phill Kline and myself," he said.

Morrison, who switched to the Democratic Party last year, said Kline was ill-suited for the job because of his lack of legal experience and "narrow" political agenda.

He chastised Kline for having let his law license lapse on three occasions and criticized him for seeking the medical records of 90 women who have sought abortions. The two health care clinics at the center of the dispute claim Kline is on a fishing expedition, while Kline has said he is investigating possible instances of illegal late-term abortions and child abuse.

Kline's spokesman Whitney Watson defended his employer, saying the incumbent's legal experience was broader than Morrison's and that he enjoyed the support of most high-ranking law enforcement officials.

"They (law enforcement officials) realize Attorney General Kline has worked to fight crime with them and supported them in their efforts," Watson said. As far as Kline allowing his law license to lapse, Watson said, "That issue was resolved in 2002, and voters elected him."

Kline has said he let his license lapse briefly in 1994 by mistake. It lapsed again for eight months in 1996-97 and 17 months in 1999-2001 when Kline pursued other political and business ventures.

As an example of his breadth of legal experience, Watson noted that Kline has argued in support of the Kansas death penalty before the U.S. Supreme Court, which is considering whether the law is constitutional.

But Morrison said Kline's lack of legal experience cost taxpayers to prepare him for arguments before the court.

Kline "spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to get schooled in how to make a 30 minute oral argument in front of the TV cameras before the United States Supreme Court," Morrison said.

Watson said Kline spent $30,000 to prepare for the case, and added that was less than the $197,000 spent by his predecessor Atty. Gen. Carla Stovall to get ready for arguments before the court on a different matter.

Morrison touted his law enforcement and legal experience.

Morrison has been district attorney 17 years and was an assistant district attorney eight years before that.

"As a career prosecutor, I have successfully prosecuted serial killers, rapists, sexual predators, and drug dealers," he said.

"As attorney general, I will continue to do everything in my power to protect Kansas families and keep our neighborhoods safe," he said.


xenophonschild 11 years, 10 months ago

Buh-bye, Phill. You've done enough to make Kansas look foolish to fiscally conservative, socially moderate people everywhere. Find a hole to hide in and wait with your fundie buddies for your dead Galilean to return.

And good luck with that.

erichaar 11 years, 10 months ago

That 89 out of 105 Kansas county sheriffs have formally endorsed Phill Kline speaks volumes about his ability to work well with law enforcement.

greyhawk 11 years, 10 months ago

89 out of 105 Kansas county sheriffs would probably formally endorse Krispy Kreme doughnuts as an aid to law enforcement. It means nothing.

xenophonschild 11 years, 10 months ago


What kind of dyed-in-the-wool conservative are you? Your posts always seem to reflect a degree of denial about the reality of contemporary Republican incompetence, and about their devotion to faded, worn-out religious/social beliefs that reflect more of fascism than traditional Republican virtues of small government and extreme fiscal responsibility.

Please don't force me to use holygrailale on you: she can be wickedly devastating.

erichaar 11 years, 10 months ago

To be honest, I'm a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican a very distant third. I'm also educated, rational, open-minded and intellectually honest.

I don't know if that helps you understand where I'm coming from.

(And please don't read "open-minded" as tolerant of all behaviors or lifestyles.)

xenophonschild 11 years, 10 months ago

'nuff said. Christian conservative. Mortal enemy. Jesus is dead; he was never god when he was alive. Your bible is a tired joke, and conservatives are tired jokes on the American people. Trickle down? Southern strategy?

Educated, rational, open-minded and intellectually honest. My,my. How can any truly educated person believe that an illegitimate Galilean peasant who managed to get himself executed two thousand years ago is the Lord God of the universe, responsible for the creation and sustenance of super-strings?

I have to go back to work, but I will watch you down the road, as I do all who line up with the opposition.

moderation 11 years, 10 months ago

Morrison is so full of it.

Lack of legal experience? Phill Kline has appeared in more court rooms and more jurisdictions than Paul Morrison ever has. All Morrison knows is the Johnson County District Court and the Kansas Appellate courts. Phill Kline has appeared in courts in numerous states and the US Supreme Court.

Medical Records....Paul Morrison knows none of the facts and yet he's willing to dismiss an investigation where a judge has already found probable cause that crimes have been committed?? What kind of prosecutor is that? Oh yeah, Morrison himself seeks medical records for cases, but he "forgets" to tell us that.

Cost of Kline's prep for the US Supreme Court....his spokesman covered that one plain and simple.

And law license...again?? Are you kidding? Morrison should be prosecuted for abuse of a dead horse. Kline's license has not lapsed for several years and certainly not since he has been Attorney General. Give it up.

If that's all Morrison has, then it's no surprise that they couldn't find a real democrat to run.

dizzy_from_your_spin 11 years, 10 months ago

"He chastised Kline for having let his law license lapse on three occasions..."


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