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ESPN pulls plug on Bonds show

June 3, 2006


ESPN's "Bonds on Bonds" has faded to black - permanently.

One week ago, ESPN executives said the show, a documentary about Barry Bonds' season and pursuit of baseball's all-time home run record, was going on hiatus. At that time, it was stated the possibility existed for more episodes of "Bonds on Bonds."

Friday, ESPN pulled the plug on the show. The next installment was to center on Bonds hitting No. 715.

In a statement, ESPN said: "Bonds' representatives wanted creative control for the final episode, which Tollin/Robbins Productions (the company that actually produced "Bonds on Bonds") and ESPN have been unwilling to give throughout the project."

That particular statement is somewhat confusing. Tollin/Robbins worked closely with Bonds. He had a lot to say about what eventually aired on the show.


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