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Reporting abuse

June 1, 2006


To the editor:

I would like to commend the 9-year-old boy, Solomon Cottrell, for his letter regarding the caged dog. It is important for us as humans to speak up for animals who are being mistreated. Kansas recently passed a law making animal cruelty a felony. Animal cruelty not only includes purposely abusing or physically harming an animal, but also failing to provide for basic needs such as food, water, shelter and opportunity for exercise. It is disheartening that every day there are animals that are confined in cages without human contact by owners who are either too selfish or too busy to care. As we enter the heat of summer, it is especially important to be aware that animals cannot be left outside as long as other times of the year. Thank you, Solomon, for speaking up for this dog. I hope that when others encounter a similar situation they will speak up as well.

Michelle Andrews,



blessed3x 12 years ago

I'm all for protecting animals, but let's look at this realisticly. If I kick Fluffy, I'm a felon, but under the senate bill if I'm an illegal alien that has been living in this country for years, using a stolen social security number, not paying my taxes, forging/falsifying documents and bilking the gov. for medicaid, free public school education and leaving unpaid medical bills in my wake I'm just a hard working individual that needs to have his slate wiped clean. Ahhhh! America, you gotta love it.

lamb 12 years ago

One issue does not negate the other. They are both issues that need to be taken seriously and not made light of. I think the term "kicking Fluffy" trivializes the terrible abuse that can happen to animals. The letter was written to thank a young man that had the courage to speak up. Don't muddy the waters by bringing in other non-related issues.

acg 12 years ago

People who abuse animals are generally sick in the head. They have issues with control and violence. A person who would lash out in anger and beat an innocent, defenseless animal is a potential danger to themselves and others. Most serial killers and mass murderers that have been captured and questioned admitted to animal abuse as an earlier form of deviant behavior. I would much rather share my neighborhood with an illegal family that is trying to make life better for themselves than a psycho that'll beat his dog because he's too much of a bully or coward to deal with life like the rest of us sane folks. But then, maybe that's just me.

mefirst 12 years ago

No acg, it's not just you. I'm with you on this one.

blackbird13 12 years ago

Thanks lamb. One of my pet peeves when people start talking about animal abuse (or lots of other social wrongs for that matter) is that people start making what I call the "starving kids in Africa" argument. Yes there are starving kids in Africa, yes there are illegal immigrants in the United States, yes those are serious problems--but animal abuse is a problem also. Just because those other things are wrong, doesn't mean animal abuse isn't wrong also.

With that being said, I think that most of us like to think that our laws are proportional. But I'm with acg and mefirst on this one--I have much more sympathy (and thus think the laws should be less harsh) for a person just trying to get by, then I do for someone who "kicks Fluffy".

Linda Endicott 12 years ago

Just remember that Jeffrey Dahmer started out abusing animals. That should be enough for all of us to know that people who deliberately hurt animals are sick, cruel, and perverted.

And if they'll do it to an animal, eventually they'll do the same thing to another human.

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