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Victims can speak at Enron sentencings

July 31, 2006


— Two of the most notorious felons to emerge from Enron Corp.'s rubble - Jeffrey Skilling and Andrew Fastow - could hear firsthand at their sentencing hearings how their crimes affected the people who lost money and jobs when the company crashed.

A federal judge ruled recently that victims who show up at Fastow's Sept. 26 hearing can sign in and speak. Such statements, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt ruled, "will continue until completed" and Fastow must be there to listen.

Skilling's lawyers said in court filings that they also expect Enron victims to speak about their financial hardships at the former CEO's Oct. 23 sentencing hearing. Skilling was convicted May 25 of 19 counts of fraud, conspiracy and other charges for lying to investors and employees about the company's financial health.


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