On the money

The success of online stalwarts such as eBay, Amazon and Yahoo! has led to a growth in books about running a small business online.

A number of informative titles focus on developing and starting an online business, sometimes with assistance from existing sites. Here are a few recent titles devoted to creating an online business:

¢ “Launching Your Yahoo! Business” by Frank Fiore and Linh Tang; Que Publishing, 2006 ($21.99). How to plan, set up and launch an online business through the Yahoo! site.

¢ “How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo! and Google” by Peter Kent and Jill K. Finlayson; McGraw-Hill, 2006 ($29.95). Discusses how to use Web powerhouses to develop and start an online business.

¢ “The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online” by Jason R. Rich; Wiley Publishing, 2006 ($18.99). Covers targeting a niche market.

¢ “Start Your Own e-Business” by Robert McGarvey and Melissa Campanelli; Entrepreneur Press, 2005 ($14.95). SGuide to developing an online business, and pitfalls to avoid.