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Hispanic vote could shift tide

July 31, 2006


— Activists are hoping to direct the energy of this spring's pro-immigration rallies to key swing states, where they believe thousands of new Hispanic voters could shift the political tide from red to blue.

In "purple" districts in states like Kansas, where the Latino population is still relatively small, their voting force could make a big political impact, too. Except no one knows which party they'll favor.

Take, for instance, Kansas Rep. Dennis Moore, considered a vulnerable Democratic incumbent in a traditionally Republican state. Moore won his seat in 2004 running against a Republican who attacked him for being soft on illegal immigration. This year, he voted for legislation that would make it a felony to be an illegal immigrant - and many Hispanic potential voters took note.

"Given the fact that we have a relatively smaller population, period, we need relatively fewer naturalized citizen voters to make an impact," said Melinda Lewis, director of policy at El Centro Inc., a Kansas City, Kan.-based nonprofit. "Races in this part of the country can be critical in terms of showing why it's important to take note of our demographics."

Changing demographic

A little more than 8 percent of Kansas residents were Hispanic in 2004, according to U.S. Census data. That same year, just 3 percent of voters in Moore's 3rd Congressional District were Latino, according to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, or NALEO.

Soledad Salas, left, Maria Arreola, center, and Aristeo Arreola look over paperwork while waiting to meet with a counselor during a recent citizenship workshop at El Centro in Kansas City, Kan. Activists believe thousands of new Hispanic voters could shift the political tide from conservative to liberal.

Soledad Salas, left, Maria Arreola, center, and Aristeo Arreola look over paperwork while waiting to meet with a counselor during a recent citizenship workshop at El Centro in Kansas City, Kan. Activists believe thousands of new Hispanic voters could shift the political tide from conservative to liberal.

But at a recent citizenship drive at El Centro's offices in the city's Argentine district, a working-class neighborhood where most businesses advertise with brightly colored Spanish-language signs, hundreds of potential new voters stood in line.

One longtime legal resident said she always has considered herself a Democrat, but she plans to pick her candidates based on what they have said about immigrants once she becomes a U.S. citizen.

"I want to vote so politicians know how powerful we are," said Maria Arreola, a teacher's assistant in the Kansas City, Kan., school district who was born in Durango, Mexico. "Like, I've heard of Dennis Moore before. I've always liked him, but he better not be trying to use Hispanics by telling us one thing and doing another."

Citizenship applications typically take eight months to process, which could mean those registering now still wouldn't be on voter rolls in November.

Courting the vote

For that reason, in part, the Kansas Republican Party says it's hoping to fortify its ranks with younger Hispanics, such as Arreola's 20-year-old son, a U.S. citizen who is already a registered voter.

"Older Hispanics are very faithful to the Democrats," said Phil Bustillo, chairman of the Kansas Republican Hispanic Council in the 3rd District. "But especially now that the president is so pro-Hispanic and so many of the Hispanics are in the White House, we're winning a lot of confidence and respect from people who before wouldn't have listened to us."

Some Republican candidates for statewide office, such as gubernatorial candidate Jim Barnett, who is a state senator, endorse proposals to make English the country's official language and oppose granting in-state tuition to undocumented students.

Mike Gaughan, state Democratic Party executive director, said Republicans candidates were too quick to use "immigration as a way to divide Kansans," and that Democrats better understand new Hispanic voters' concerns, such as ensuring access to education and affordable health care for all.

Moore still holds more campaign cash than any of his four Republican challengers, who will duke it out in Tuesday's primary. That may be because GOP leaders are investing more money in competitive congressional districts in Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas and Washington.

In those swing states, House races could hinge on districts where Latinos make up a large percentage of the population, according to NALEO.

"Second-tier cities," such as Wichita, Des Plains, Ill. and South Bend, Ind., may not have that sway now, but they'll gain political clout as more Hispanics gain citizenship and the right to vote, said Michael D. Rodriguez, director of field operations for the nonpartisan United States Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago.

In southwest Missouri, for example, the Hispanic population has mushroomed in recent years as immigrants have settled in rural towns such as Noel, which has a Tyson processing plant.

In August, Rodriguez will head to Springfield, Mo., where he'll train a Hispanic student group to register voters.

"So many Midwestern states are going through demographic and political transitions right now, and who knows where they're going to end up," said Fred Tsao, policy director for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. "The latent immigrant votes, even in a state like Missouri, could make a difference."


ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

You are the moron, and we are never are going to see eye to ey on this because your are wrong, and have no depth of experience to draw on. Just wait til you are out providing for a family.

Illegal aliens are ILLEGAL because they HAVE NO RIGHT to enter our country! That is what you fail to accept.

When you legalize murder only murders will be legal.

Make the illegal legal. Make it so theft is not theft, then there would be no more crime. IS that what you think? You are truley a misguided idiot.

DONE Again.

Not going to play here with you. You are stupid, uninformed, inexperienced, and clueless. Your simpleton view of this world and the workings is simply astounding. IF you are the cream of the corp of the University is producing today, maybe we do need to let in those illegals, see if you can keep up.

No more responses from me as you clearly don't read them, you just post more poo brained words.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

Sorry couldn't resist:

"4. treat the environment that they live in with respect because they will not be somewhere that they feel that people don't want them (due to their ignorance)."

Have you ever seen Downtown Mexico City? There is nothing in the environment these southern neighbors "treat with respect". They sell and prostitute everything. Go to Tiajana, see how they sell their daughters, see how dirty everything is. They sell babies out in the street. This is what we are importing.


NOt hardley!

NOw I M done!

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

The ravings of a lunatic... The same guy who tries to tell us that paying taxes is VOLUNTARY (because the IRS says they are?). THere is NOTHING voluntary about taxes. Taxes are collected by government which is nothing more than coercive force. Laws are backed by coercive force. YOU believe in FORCE; YOU are a violent person.

Go on madman... Oh yes, you did "When you legalize murder only murders will be legal." HUH? When you legalize murder then how did everything else suddenly become ILLEGAL. What are you talking about... only murders will be legal???? You need to get off the bottle before you post. Sober up, all those Bud Lights are gonna kill your liver.

What is amazing is that you know NOTHING about me yet, you think take your assumptions and run with them.

Hate the people of the world. Hate your species. Hate yourself.

If you want to be an isolationist, then get out of everyone else's business, mr. imperialist.

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

Let's see how clean and well kept the top 10 most populated cities in America are, which are clearly populated by LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Mexico city is the 2nd most populous city in the WORLD!.

Once again, your racism shines through. Notice how it always turns from "illegals" to MEXICANS. What's your next? Native Americans? Jews? Are you Mel Gibson?

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

SW talk about timing! Is his racism brighter than the beacon of freedom that the US aims to provide. He likes to tantalize the world and then shut the door. Asbestos stands inside the picture window pointing and laughing from the "promised land."

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

How much of a mindless automaton can you be to continue to present stereotypes of "dirty Mexicans." This asbestass automaton is a racist, a chauvinist and more importantly jingoistic. Get over it asbestass, YOU are not that special. YOU are not aristocracy, unless you are the Duke of Dumb, the Baron of Bigotry, or the Earl of Enmity!

lildos 11 years, 8 months ago

"MOst of these "voters" are illegals. we need to have a VOTER PROTECTION BILL. SO only citizens can vote"

I might be wrong, and I have no time like asbebstos to go on and on about stupid things because I have better things to do, but I am pretty sure you have to be a citizen to vote...someone please correct me if I am wrong on that...

"It amazes me why I have to respect others "Culture" but no one has to respect Americas's culture"

Isn't America's Culture one of accepting new immigrants that are willing to work hard for the "American Dream"? That happened before with the Irish, the Italian, the German, and whoever else crossed the Atlantic looking for a better life...why is it that now this "culture" suddenly changes?

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

no lildos, if you disagree with asbestass, you are stupid and clueless.

The Jack of Jingoism is aristocracy and he looks down on you, me and Mexicans.

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

The Viscount of Venom and Violence.

The Princess Bride....

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

Asbestos, do you support the embargo on Cuba too?

lildos 11 years, 8 months ago

And no one has life experience but him! He has to provide for a family, so he is an expert in immigration law. His arguments are as sound as the arguments you would hear from a 2 year old: "You are wrong because I am right!"

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

And I am 18, in his mind.

And you are wrong because he says so.

Clearly, he has not been safely removing asbestos, it has damaged his lungs and he is suffering from chronic hypoxia.

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

SW, the latter, maybe I am just a Non-traditional student working on my Associate's. SW do you know me? I know there is one person on here that I know that I do not know her posting name.

BTW, I have Speak and Spell on cassette. The only DM album Vince Clarke was involved in.

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

"Any takers on betting Asbestos is not done?"

Nah, he is cooked. But not browned. He hates dark skin.

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

It appears that Asbestos has succumbed to intoxication and fallen into slumber.

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

Let's try this argument here.

The reason illegals can be and are exploited is because a closed border makes people who want to EARN a better life criminals. An employer can simply threaten an "illegal" with "calling immigration" if they don't do what they want; similar to how you will give up your wallet when someone points a gun at you. Stop turning people into criminals who only want to make a better life for them and their families.

The government doesn't make things legal, it only makes things ILLEGAL. Stop making this illegal and these people will pay taxes. And tell your government NO to handouts of your money to ANYONE. Tell them NO they will not take 60% of your earnings in taxation! Stop being passive, mindless automatons; our Founders would be sickened.

You seem to forget that PEOPLE own stock in businesses; what is wrong with increasing your profits? What is this United Socialiststate of America?

ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

Jayhawks no matter how much you repeat it does not make it so. You are a simpleton when it comes to immigration and business and economic issues. You have no depth.

The Border is SUPPOSED to keep out those who CHOOSE NOT TO COME HERE LEGALLY. THEY know damn good and well that they are working and those hiring them is ILLEGAL, hence a crime.

What you are saying is as obtuse and argument as saying "well there sure a lot of murders, lets make murder legal so ther are not as many people breaking the law". THAT IS STUPID. There is a reason for that law.

We cannot absorb Mexico and Central Americas poor. That is their countries problem. They screwed it up...not us. We gave them everything and the kitchen sink with CAFTA and NAFTA. The moneuy should be rolling in to these countries. WHY NOT??? THey have greedy tryants that suck up all the money.

YOUR postion just puts money in the pockets of the TYRANTS of thos countries (Like Hugo Chavez, Cindy's friend) and putting money into the pockets of coorperate bigwigs. That is all.

"Stop making this illegal and these people will pay taxes."


" Stop turning people into criminals who only want to make a better life for them and their families."

They CHOSE to becvome criminals. The "Better life" they need to persue is IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. I and other Americans owe them NOTHING, but scorn.

Look at the cheap yahoos we import, those who would not take a stand, and will sell their entire soul for ...MONEY. That is your illegal aliens...they screw each other...for money. I have seen at Hazardous Waste sites a MEXICAN supervisor scold his Mexican and Guatamalan "Slaves" for changing their respirator filters. It seems if he can "save money" by limiting respirator cartridge changes, he (the supervisor) gets more money.

Whoever you are, YOU do NOT WORK in the INDUSTRY , or CONSTRUCTION, OR any Labor position (that much is clear by the way you post you have never had a job of this type) where we are having this problem.

Simply "Making them legal" will make the current crop legal, but waht about the "next wave" that will work Cheaper still? Then what about the nexst wave of illegal aliens.

By the time we get to the various generations the wages are depressed. Rand Corp, and the Pew Hispanic Research both found that illegal aliens do reduce safety practices and wages.

Don't let them in, they corrupt our labor pool with unsafe practices and practices of indentured servitude. Some of the yung boys they bring up and work on construction sites and hazmat sites are WAY under 18... way illegal

Yes that is right Child exploitation. OH, it is after illegal isn't it. SHould we just roll back the Child Labor Law too???

You are the biggest dumba$% I have ever seen posted here.

Your lack of understanding is truly mindboggling.

ANd you aren't in deep with this issue and seeing what it really does to US and to THEM.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

YOu are clueless, and sitting on your a$$. GO out and do what these people are doing, see if $2 a hour for shoveling bricks is a good deal.

Some of the business needs to be regulated and you know that. If you don't agree with that...why don't we just get rid of safety and Environmental regulations too, they are from the government?? HMMM why not???

The Government makes it ILLEGAL to poision your employees with mecury and mecury vapors. (That is an example of what Government does) Business fought this too screaming that it hurts the economy. They did the same thing with child labor laws. The same old tired arguments YOU make are 80 years old and were used to justify unsafe work practices and workplaces and child labor.

DID you even learn history? Maybe you need to take a class a$$hol3.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

Jayhawks you need to read "THE JUNGLE"

The same thing is being repeated.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

MOsat of the Asbestos being removed is by illegals with falisified documents. THis is not leaf blowing the lawn. This is not pounding nails. This is removing a known carcinogen from public buildings...with false documentation to get the license and certification.

Does that make you feel better?

They are also removing lead based paint and mold in homes with false documents too.

Illegal is illegal for a reason. People who break laws will break them whether or not, pe4ople who fallow laws respect a culture.

It amazes me why I have to respect others "Culture" but no one has to respect Americas's culture.

ASBESTOS 11 years, 8 months ago

MOst of these "voters" are illegals. we need to have a VOTER PROTECTION BILL. SO only citizens can vote!

WE DO NOT WANT ILLEGAL ALIENS or non citizens determining the outcome of our elections!!!

jayhawks71 11 years, 8 months ago

You support the concept that people finding work is "illegal" and you label them criminals for trying to find work. Finding work is ONLY illegal for these people because you want to bastardize what they do.

Let them all be legal. When they are legal they will: 1. pay taxes 2. get licenses 3. not work for 2 dollars an hour 4. treat the environment that they live in with respect because they will not be somewhere that they feel that people don't want them (due to their ignorance).

IN a society where government isn't directly responsible for devaluing the dollar through inflation of the fiat money supply and by artificially inflating prices through government subsidies, TWO DOLLARS AN HOUR WOULD BE JUST FINE.


Illegal is illegal because you and your government cronies CONTROL PEOPLE'S LIVE.

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