High school sues over Wikipedia posting

? Skutt Catholic High School has filed a lawsuit over an edit posting on Wikipedia, the online, publicly compiled encyclopedia.

School administrators take a dim view of these and other lines about the school:

“It’s (sic) tuition is ridiculously high, too. Not to mention you get an awful education there. They put more emphasis on sports than they do education. No wonder almost all kids there are complete idiots.”

That opinion showed up in June on www.wikipedia.org. And Skutt officials say there have been three other objectionable entries since February. They include sharp criticism of Skutt principal Patrick Slattery, obscene language and a note about drug use by students.

Since Wikipedia debuted in 2001, it has grown to 2 1/2 million entries in 10 languages.

Thousands of changes are made every hour to Wikipedia items, and contributors are charged with editing themselves and others.

Skutt officials can’t tell who posted the entries they’ve zeroed in on, so the Douglas County District Court suit names a John and Jane Doe.