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Nation inaugurates Caspian oil pipeline

July 14, 2006


— The presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia formally opened a pipeline Thursday designed to bypass Russia and bring Caspian oil to Europe, a route that President Bush said would bolster global energy security.

The United States staunchly supported the 1,100-mile, $3.9 billion pipeline as part of a strategy to tap sources of crude outside of the Middle East and draw the Caspian states away from Russia and closer to the West.

Oil began flowing from the Turkish port of Ceyhan last month and some 430,000 barrels of oil are flowing each day, said Norman Rodda, construction manager for the Turkish section of the pipeline.

That's a fraction of the 85 million barrels per day that the world consumes, but with global production stretched and prices skyrocketing, experts say all supplies matter.


Richard Heckler 11 years, 9 months ago

The Oil Connection: Afghanistan and Caspian Sea oil pipeline routes

Don't think there is a connection between Afghanistan and the oil monopolies? Think again. The information contained in these partial Department of Energy reports are current as of September 2001. You can read the complete texts at and (For more links, also see This story could be bigger than the Pentagon Papers if it were discovered that the "war on terrorism" were an excuse to end Afghanistan's civil war in order to secure the Southern route of an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan. In 1998, the Taliban signed an agreement to proceed with the pipeline, but the civil war has kept the project from getting started.

The story:

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