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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

July 11, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World for July 11, 1906: "The Missouri and Kansas Coal Dealers are investigating to see why there have been 'short weights' from mines to points of destination in the two states. Coal is being lost between the mine and the dealer and there is a need to find out why. : Because of lack of timely rain, the state's corn yield may be only about 75 percent of normal this year, with about 135 million bushels projected. : Further, the preliminary crop reports on wheat indicate that a poor yield and total is due this year. However, these reports come from Washington and Kansas officials say it is flawed and that the grain they are seeing is good and in high quantity. : Local butchers have raised meat prices about three-fourths of a cent per pound. Money has been lost nationally due to a falling off in exports trading. : Missouri is reportedly considering abolishing hanging for capital punishment due to the agitation from the handling of Kansas City murderess Aggie Myers. : The First Baptist Church is to meet to study the completed plans for a remodeled church. "


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