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Light travel

July 10, 2006


Here are the five worst mistakes travelers make with their diets on the road and some simple solutions, from Peter Greenberg's new book, "The Traveler's Diet":

¢ Eating to combat fatigue. That usually means grazing on high-fat, high-sugar snacks.

Solution: Carry your own healthy snacks.

¢ Basic lack of planning for a plane trip. If you miss lunch and/or dinner, everything will start looking good - even airline food.

Solution: Carry your own healthy snacks.

¢ Disconnecting from a lifestyle plan because of travel. Away from home, healthy eating and exercise suddenly seem like too much trouble.

Solution: Make a better food choice. Maybe not the ideal one, but better than abandoning ship.

¢ Calorie-Clueless Syndrome. This is blissful ignorance about the calorie content of the food you're eating.

Solution: Carry a fast-food calorie guide.

¢ Failure to monitor liquid calories in all forms - alcohol, juice, energy drinks, smoothies, coffee concoctions.

Solution: Drink lots of water, stick to light versions and substitute a high-fiber, low-calorie snack for the smoothie.

Carry-on fitness

Here are some tips for healthy travel, be it business or pleasure:

¢ Pick the right hotel. Most hotels have fitness facilities, so be sure to book one that does. A great resource to find a hotel that cares about fitness is

¢ Bring your own gym. Pack exercise tubes or bands and water-inflatable dumbbells, or use your carry-on and/or briefcase as a weight. Don't forget the jump rope for a great cardio workout.

¢ Consider swimming. Most hotels have pools, and a suit and goggles take up no room at all.

¢ Use your body. You can get a great workout with your own weight. Do push-ups, planks, triceps dips off a chair, squats and lunges.

¢ Walk it off. On the plane, cruise up and down the aisle every hour. Use layovers to do a few laps around the airport. If you're traveling by car, stop every couple of hours for a brief jog and stretch.

¢ Bring your own water. Never travel without a big bottle of water, and drink some every hour. Staying hydrated can give you the energy to work out later.

¢ Make the most of where you are. Run on the beach, take a walking tour of the city, climb the hotel stairs instead of using the elevator.


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