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Bar employee charged with battering patron

July 6, 2006


Lawrence Police arrested an employee of Last Call, 729 N.H., early Sunday on suspicion of battering a club patron.

The alleged victim, a Wichita man, told police a security guard confronted him about setting a beer bottle near the dance floor and then asked him to leave.

The man said other security guards grabbed him and that he was thrown to the ground outside the club, causing minor injuries.

A bar employee, identified as Christopher D. Fulton, 21, Lawrence, was arrested for battery and ordered to appear Friday in Municipal Court.

Police said his version of events was that the patron tried to walk into the club after he was asked to leave and "moved toward him in an aggressive manner."


justicelyric2 11 years, 7 months ago

At least he was trying to work.. and by the way the victim says he was grabbed by security guards meaning more than one person. Mil-Spec is the security at that club.

Michael McClain 11 years, 7 months ago

I'm surprised this "victim" wasn't from Topeka. That would have made a better story.

jafs 11 years, 7 months ago

Earlier closing times will work better than increased security.

Linda Endicott 11 years, 7 months ago

Well, this is a switch. Usually it's the bar patrons who are battering people.

reginafliangie 11 years, 7 months ago

I think that security guard had every right to protect himself. Who knows what that bar patron might of been on. Sure alcohol, but what else? Nobody knows and if he felt threatened then by all means it's your job to keep the place safe and others safe. If it means a little brut force, then so be it. Lets just let the patrons run amok? Pleassssssssseeeeeeee! Sounds like more than one guy had to restrain this person, so why is only one guy charge and why did it take several to restrain him? Something fishy with Mr. Wichita.

jafs 11 years, 7 months ago

I also do not go to these venues due to personal preference. However, one of the problems with enhancing security is the possibility that security guards will overstep their bounds. I would rather find a way to decrease armed and dangerous people in downtown Lawrence than try to deal with them once they're there. Security guards, and even police officers, are just people, capable of over-reacting and acting in poor judgement.

reginafliangie 11 years, 7 months ago

Thats right Off!

Don't act like an a$$ and you won't get thrown out.

Wilbur_Nether 11 years, 7 months ago

Let's allow the system to work now, eh? The patron believed the force used was excessive and filed a complaint. Only 12 people in the world now get to decide whether or not the force was excessive--a jury of the employee's peers.

Michael Birch 11 years, 7 months ago

Just declare the Last Call a "public nuisance" and shut

the place down once and for all. By the way, did the

police find any guns or drugs in any of the cars parked

near the place. As much as I hate to say it, it will

probably take a homicide before something will be done

about The Last Call. Even then though, it debatable!


Adrienne Sanders 11 years, 7 months ago

Anyone notice that he was thrown to the ground outside the club? If he was already out, why was there further need to manhandle him? I'm not defending him just asking the question. Using force and throwing someone around are two different things.

reginafliangie 11 years, 7 months ago

Maybe he was walked to the door by the guards but then once outside in his freedom he decided to be "tough guy" and try to harm a guard.

Wilbur_Nether 11 years, 7 months ago

offtotheright wondered "Which way is it people? Do you want to feel safe if you go to the last call, or do you like the feeling that you will be in the line of fire at any minute?"

Certainly patrons should be able to feel the staff are less likely to assault them than their fellow patrons.

Wilbur_Nether 11 years, 7 months ago

Right! Anyone who is foolish under any circumstances is deserving of anything they get!! No mercy, says I!!!

Oh, wait. Who's in charge of figuring out who's acting like a fool and who's just being silly? Maybe it's...those twelve peers again. Come on, offtotheright. You think better than this. Legally, use-of-force can be justified only to the level of threat that exists. Excessive force is abusive.

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