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How well do you know the ‘80s

July 3, 2006


Ah, the '80s.

It was a magical time of perms, big glasses and mediocre music.

Most of those who lived through the decade want to forget it, or at least the pop culture aspects of it.

But in a filing-cabinet drawer in the basement of the News Center, home of the Journal-World, '80s pop culture lives on.

Recently, Journal-World staffers opened this drawer, which is hidden among yellowing clip files. We found a treasure trove of publicity photographs, most of which date to the 1980s.

Why, we thought, would we keep these big-haired celebs to ourselves? So we decided to share the photos with you, in the form of a contest.

Here's the deal: In the photo gallery below, you'll find 30 photos picturing 33 personalities from the '80s stash. They include both actors - ranging from A-list movie stars to little-known made-for-TV-movie "stars" - and singers.

To enter the contest, e-mail a list of the celeb names, next to their corresponding number from the photographs, to Jon Niccum, entertainment editor, at

Entries are due by 9 a.m. Thursday (July 6).

The winner will be selected at random from the entries that have the most number of correctly identified stars. He or she will receive a fabulous '80s prize package, which includes a DVD of the 1984 movie "Splash," a Mtley Crüe T-shirt, a home perm kit and a Rubik's cube.

This contest, as we would have said in the '80s, will be rad!


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