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July 1, 2006


Cub Scout Pack 3057, chartered to the Lawrence Catholic School, attended Webelos Graduation Weekend May 12-14 at Camp Bromelsick.

Webelos who attended were Eric Glogau, Elias Schneck, Kyle Vogelsang, Luke Fitzgerald, Luke Oberrieder, Clayton Pfeifer and Jakob Walter. They were accompanied by Cyndy Glogau, Marlon Schneck, Steve Vogelsang, Mike Fitzgerald, Mike Oberrieder, John Pfeifer and Brian Walter. Scouts Jack Powell and Nicholas Hocking attended the May 13 graduation ceremony.

The Scouts participated in fire building, scavenger hunting, fishing, dutch-oven cooking and canoeing. The pack received first place in the scavenger hunt.

The pack had a graduation ceremony May 17 at St. John the Evangelist Church. Cubs who received their Tiger badge included John Anderson, Andrew Bireta, Noah Funk, Ryan Glogau, Ben Hill, Isaac McCracken, Daniel Murray, Liam Rausch and Mark Smith. Cubs who received their Wolf badge and Cub Scout World Conservation Award were Tegan Bowers, Brandon Bunting, Justin Cross, Austin Dominguez, Jalen Galloway, Jared Lange, KJ Lashley, Clay Lister, Gabriel Magee, Noah Malsbury, Aidan Schaplowsky, Alex Waite, Ben Witte and Sam Witte. Michael DeGrassi received the Wolf badge. Brandon Bunting, Austin Dominguez, KJ Lashley, Aidan Schaplowsky, Alex Waite, Ben Witte and Sam Witte received the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

Andrew Chavez, Eric Glogau, Nicholas Hocking, Jack Powell, August Murphy Beach, Elias Schneck and Kyle Vogelsang earned their Bear badge. Clayton Pfeifer and Jakob Walter received the Webelos badge.

¢ Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered to the Westside Presbyterian Church, participated in Pelathe District's Spring Camporee May 12-14 at Camp Bromelsick. Events included mapping, cooking, knot tying, first aid and tracking. Scouts who attended were Alan O'Neal, Andrew Carttar, Austin Down, Colin O'Neal, David Lawrence, Drew Braden, Griffin Kimmel, Ian Gent, Isaac Remboldt, Isaac Rinke, JD Williams, Jacob Christilles, Jacob Pfeifer, Jamie Braden, Jeremy Woodhead, Johnathan Roberts, Kameron Gibler, Kjell Mulinex, Mitch McCune, Patrick Carttar, Spencer Wilson, Steve Norris and Wyatt Patterson. They were accompanied by adult leaders Andrew Avila, Annelee Marsh, Bob Gent, Bryce Baringer, Cammie Braden, Deb Vannicola, Dennis Christilles, Don Clancy, George Vogel, Grady Walker, Jim Peterson, John Pfeifer, Josh Sanderson, Oliver Devlin, Scott Braden and Scott Woodhead.

Alan O'Neal, Patrick Carttar, David Lawrence, Mitch McCune, Jacob Pfeifer, all Scouts, and John Pfeifer, Scout leader, were called out during the Order of the Arrow ceremonies.

The Troop had a Court of Honor May 22 at the Westside Presbyterian Church. Twenty-six scouts qualified for 47 awards. Twelve Scouts completed a total of 20 merit badges and 18 Scouts advanced in rank. William Armstrong, Drew Braden, Andrew Carttar, Josh Gorem, Wolfgang Johanning, Scott Ollila, Ted Olson, Jacob Pfeifer, Isaac Remboldt, Isaac Rinke, Joseph Vannicola and Grady Walker earned merit badges.

The following Scouts earned the rank of Scout: Jamie Braden, Austin Down, Ian Gent, Griffin Kimmel, Kjell Mullenix, Colin O'Neal, Wyatt Patterson, Johnathan Roberts, J. D. Williams and Spencer Wilson. Jamie Braden, Andrew Carttar, Phoenix DeLaConcepion, Austin Down, Ian Gent, Newt Heston, Griffin Kimmel, Colin O'Neal, Wyatt Patterson, Johnathan Roberts, J. D. Williams and Spencer Wilson advanced to Tenderfoot. Andrew Carttar, Jacob Pfeifer, Isaac Remboldt and Isaac Rinke earned Second Class.

Mitch McCune and Jacob Pfeifer earned First Class. Bryce Baringer earned a Bronze Palm for his Eagle for earning an additional five merit badges beyond those required.

Patrick Carttar, Jacob Christilles, Chris Muetz, Jacob Pfeifer, all Scouts, and Scott Braden and John Pfeifer, adult leaders, received the Rimrock Trail Patch. Drew Braden and Cammie Braden received the Mile Swim Award. Jamie Braden earned the God and Family Religious Award. Scott Braden and Cammie Braden received the God and Service Adult Religious Award. The Scouting for Food Award was given to Josh Gore. Matthew James and Brad Klug were recognized for obtaining Eagle rank, which will be awarded at a separate Court of Honor.


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