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Kansas to receive bonus for food stamp accuracy

July 1, 2006


— Kansas is among states with the lowest error rates in their food stamp programs and will receive a nearly $1.6 million bonus for its efforts.

Kansas had an error rate of 4.37 percent, earning a bonus for the second straight year, according to Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

Last year, the state received a $861,132 bonus; this year it will total $1,590,582. Kansas is one of 10 states with the lowest error rates.

"This is good news for our state," Gov. Kathleen Sebelius said.

SRS said it planned to reinvest the bonus to enhance customer service.


ASBESTOS 11 years ago

I have always beat up on Civil Servants that screwed up.

Here I must give KUDOS to the KSRS in their food stamp program successes. Way to TO GUYS!!!!

Keep up the good work!

Godot 11 years ago

I agree with Asbestos, congratulations are due for keeping the error rate so low. When did this practice of the Feds giving bonuses to states for reudcing their error rate begin?

Godot 11 years ago

This is puzzling: "SRS said it planned to reinvest the bonus to enhance customer service"

Since when does an agency have the power to determine how to spend additional revenue? Shouldn't that money go back into the general budget to be allocated by the legislature?

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