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July 1, 2006


John Callewaert, of Grand Knight Council 1372; Paul Haverkamp, of Grand Knight Council 11352; Lee Rymer, of Grand Knight Council 12960; and Russell Kimberlin, of Faithful Navigator Assembly 2461, attended the Knights of Columbus 2006 convention in Topeka. They put in a bid to have the Knights of Columbus 2009 state convention in Lawrence, and their bid was accepted.

¢ Beverly Griffin, of the GFWC Lawrence Classics, participated in the General Federation of Women's Clubs fifth annual Leadership Education and Development Seminar June 9 at the 115th GFWC annual international convention in Denver.

The seminar is designed to identify potential leaders at the grass-roots level and provide them with training, support and encouragement to assume greater responsibilities at the club, district, state and international levels.

The daylong seminar concluded with participants practicing their newfound skills. An additional session, with graduates of the previous four LEADS seminars, included a presentation on mediation skills.

The GFWC Lawrence Classics serves various Lawrence organizations with volunteer work. If anyone is interested in joining the club, contact Jan Schwartz at 331-4567 or Paula Johnson at 594-3578.

¢ The Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club played a stratified Mitchell movement at six and a half tables. The June 21 game was directed by Virginia Seaver. Betty Spalsbury and Grant Sutton were first in A, B and C, playing North-South. Virginia Seaver and Chris Lane won second in A, and Phyllis Brownlee and Virginia Eddy won third in A and second in B. Alice Leitch and Madelyn Jenks won third in B, and Judy Bevan and John Gilbert won second in C.

Paul Heitzman and Dave Piro won first in A, playing East-West, followed by Nita Scales and Carol Ball who won second in A and first in B and C. Cathy Blumenfeld and Doris Stubeck won second in B and C and third in A.

¢ The Wednesday Evening Bridge Club's June 21 game was directed by Don Brennaman. Three and a half tables played a stratified Howell movement. Harriett Olson and Virginia Seaver won first in A, and Don Daugherty and Harry Talley won second in A and first in B. Jolene Andersen and Jeanne Landry won third in A. Steve Rego and Glenn Smith won second in B.

¢ The Friday Afternoon Bridge Club's June 23 game was played by 10 and a half tables in a stratified Mitchell movement directed by Don Brennaman. At North-South, Dianne Childs and Linda Schottler won first in A. Don Daugherty and Harry Talley won second in A and first in B and C, followed by Clyde Romer and Kent McCullough who won third in A. Charles Hedges and Phyllis Brownlee won second in B.

At East-West, Clara Elkins and Anna Marie Icenhower won first in A and B. Paul Heitzman and Dave Piro won second in A, and Mary Fenlon and Lester Dalton won third. Lynn Hui and Cathy Blumenfeld won second in B and first in C, and Harriett Olson and Bobbie Figgins won second in C.

¢ The Monday Evening Bridge Club played a stratified Mitchell movement at nine tables directed by Virginia Seaver. Playing North-South, Kent McCullough and Larry Bodle won first in A, and Clyde Romer and Jeanne Landry won second. Jerry Sloan and Harriett Olson won third in A. Pat Burgstahler and Martie Hartman won first in B and C, followed by Chuck and Yvonne Hedges who won second in B and Mike Lee and Earl Core who won second in C.

John Hickey and Grant Sutton led the East-West pairs placing first in A. David Piro and Pete Petillo won second, and Donna Johnson and Paul Heitzman won third. Barbara Merriam and Dorothy Netson won first in B and C. Jeremy Martin and Amit Chakrabarti won second in B, and Terry Tolar and Lynn Hui won second in C.


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