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Procrastinators get two extra days to file return

January 29, 2006


Dread doing those taxes? This year, the IRS made it easier to procrastinate.

The filing deadline is two days later than usual - Monday, April 17, because April 15, the normal deadline, is a Saturday. The Internal Revenue Service also has made it easier to get an automatic six-month extension beyond that.

Before, obtaining a six-month filing extension was a two-step process. Taxpayers filed one form to get an automatic four-month extension to Aug. 15, and a second form to obtain an additional extension, usually two more months. But the second extension wasn't automatic - taxpayers had to give a reason for the additional delay, and the IRS could always deny the request.

In a cost-savings move, the IRS eliminated or consolidated deadline-extension forms. Now, taxpayers receive an automatic six-month extension to Oct. 16, 2006, by filing a single form, Form 4868. They don't have to provide a reason or even a signature, only file the form by April 17.

Businesses seeking the automatic six-month extension file Form 7004.


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