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Young man stabbed at Boardwalk Apartments

January 27, 2006


500 block of Fireside Dr.

A young man was taken to the hospital this morning after being stabbed at the Boardwalk Apartments.

Police and ambulance units responded at 4 a.m. to the 500 block of Fireside Dr. where the incident took place.

Lawrence police Sgt. Susan Hadl, said one person had been stabbed, and that four people associated with the apartment were being interviewd in connection with the incident.

Ambulance crews brought a young man up from the basement apartment on a stretcher. He was sitting up, but in obvious pain.

Hadl said there were no other details to be released, but one apparent witness was screaming hysterically at police on the scene.

Condition details were immediately unavailable.


RonBurgandy 12 years ago

What the hell is wrong with people?

The adequate punishment should involve the same affliction on the afflictor.

kujeeper 12 years ago

The owners of Boardwalk need to clean up that place, once a month someone gets stabbed or shot at. Not to mention the tragic fire.... I hope the good people get out soon and let the landlords sit on vacant apartments.

compmd 12 years ago

Ron: Way to form an opinion while having minimal factual evidence of what happened. How did you determine this was unwarranted?

OTTR: Have you rented in Lawrence before? Did you have a low income, debts, and outrageously rising tuition costs to pay? If the people are there, they probably can't afford homes. So, what do you with those people then? You'll find places for them, right? Mentioning that the complex should be burned is sick...better hope you don't inspire a copycat arsonist.

Jeep: I agree with you, the place needs to be cleaned up. Personally, I'm glad "Felony Hoods" hasn't been living up to that moniker as well as it used to.

Sorry if I'm brash, I haven't had my coffee yet.

RonBurgandy 12 years ago

compmd: That's the beauty of a message board. I am not the one that decides the punishment. I can form whatever opinion I feel at any point in time. Say more evidence comes out later that this person was defending themself, then I would base my opinion on that evidence at that point in time. I would hold a little more discretion if I was actually involved in the situation.

It's cool though.

RonBurgandy 12 years ago

p.s. Your point is warranted and I see where you are going.

coolmom 12 years ago

boardwalk apt is falling apart. two of my family members lived there. one fell through the seriously rotten stairs and another had a huge hole in there shower ceiling from a leak that they didnt fix for months. she and her little son hiked to the other side of the apt building and barrow a shower every morning. they have since moved into the outlandish but safer buying a house market and i am so relieved.

grubesteak 12 years ago

Geez coolmom, sounds like the place I rent from Gage Management.

badger 12 years ago

Sounds like a lot of places Gage Management rents...

noise 12 years ago

OTTR always has brilliant, thought-provoking answers: you know, banning old people who drive, burning down apartments, shipping the homeless off to Wyandotte county, etc.

Is it not suprising that he aligns his ignorance along with his political party? You're doing wonders at perpetuating the "right's" stereotypes, OTTR. You may as well start hanging out with john1945, porkribs, and arminius.

Ragingbear 12 years ago

I was a victim of the Boardwalk fire. That place was constantly having issues with people, maintenance, and damage. In fact, the housing authority in several occassions threatened to pull thier Sect. 8 license if they didn't fix certain things. They would then yell at the people who had the damage that was supposed to be fixed in their apartments. They would often claim that they never told them. Like that damage to the floor and ceiling in my apartment. I told them repeatedly about it, and they threatened to actually evict me.

Not to mention that they have a lack of background checks, and allow people to just to whatever they want, it's no suprise that stuff like this is becoming regular there.

black_watch 12 years ago

i have a coworker who lives there and reports that water comes in around the light fixtures and door frames when it rains, and that there are water spots everywhere. the place is tragically unsafe and probably unfit for human dwelling. will someone send the housing authority to fully investigate claims like that? What do the housing authority and associated agencies do in town, anyways? With jerks like the folks who run the boardwalks, and gage management busy not maintaining a hundred crappy shoebox apartments across town, is there no recourse for the citizens except to take what those with the money care to dish out?

This is disgusting. The boardwalk has seen shootings, stabbings, and fires in the past couple of years. What do we do about it?

nlf78 12 years ago

I lived there for 2 years. During that time, my basement apartment flooded at least 3 times during a torrential rain. Because the apartment was the size of a shoebox, thankfully most of my possesions were in a nice clean and DRY storage unit across town. I couldn't stand the management there, but thankfully I got out before the shootings, stabbings and fires had taken over. I just hope they can clean it up. Maybe find a new management company??

Alison Roberts 12 years ago

i lived there.. and its a hell hole.

its cheap, but poorly constructed and badly maintained. They need to be shut down. Honestly, when I heard about the fire, I wasnt surprised bc its a fire trap. They only have one window in each apt to get out in case of a fire.. horrible.

they do need to just shut them down and rebuild that area with homes.

im also not surprised someone was stabbed there... i felt unsafe every day living there.

Steve Jacob 12 years ago

You just can't get good and cheap apartments in this town. You have to choose.

samsnewplace 12 years ago

Here is a suggestion for a wise builder out here in this wonderful something affordable for your lower income group, run your references and background checks, get good tenants that will take care of what you build and take pride in where they live. Ideal concept, too bad it will never happen.

tdhoney 12 years ago

I'm a current resident of Boardwalk Apartments... as a few have stated above, the complex is 'a hell hole'. If I had known better I would have never signed a lease here. I've been here through the shooting, fire... and most recently the stabbing this morning.(the fire: which was in the building directly accross from mine, and was a terrifying ordeal to say the least) The management is irresonsible about caring for the property, the maintenance has been awful. They seem to love to blame all the tenants here when something goes wrong. My bathroom has backed up with sewage on -several- occasions, I've had leaks in the windows, I've gone for a week without hot water due to the poor maintenance, not to mention countless other problems. Once the management came to my door and actually -shouted- at ME for a backed up drain outside of my apartment on the walkway (clogged with leaves due to poor maintenance practices)I had 6 inches of ice cold water to walk through on my way to the car to go to work that morning... I could probably write a book about how 'wrong' this management/apartment complex is. I am only pleased to say that my lease here finally ends on March 31st and I have already started packing. I've got to tell you, moving here has been one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made... and one day hope the managment ...(woman whoes name begins with 'D' in particular)... have to go through some of the same things that the tenants have had to endure.

Steve Jacob 12 years ago

I am surprised it's still called Boardwalk Apartments. Jefferson Commons had a rep for being trouble, so they just changed the name. Same for bars.

missmagoo 12 years ago

tdh, I am glad your lease ends soon. Get out while you can!

srj, JeffCo was bought out, used to be owned by JPI, a chain, now owned by a Lawrence firm.

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