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Moves aim to make TV family-friendly

January 20, 2006


— Hollywood, broadcasting and cable executives volunteered Thursday to bankroll a multimillion-dollar campaign to teach parents how to filter out raunchy television. They also said new family-friendly channel packages for cable TV would give parents a clean-viewing option.

The initiatives, aired at a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing, are intended to discourage senators from endorsing stiff new fines for broadcast indecency or supporting a la carte programming, a pay-by-the-channel cable option that broadcasters oppose.

Family values advocacy groups want government intervention, but lawmakers are reluctant to act, in part because they fear curbs would violate free speech rights.

Network and cable executives said current ratings systems and V-chips that enable parents to control kids' viewing are good enough, and it's simply a matter of showing parents how to use them.


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