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All students pass breath test at dance

January 20, 2006


Students attending a dance at Lawrence High School last weekend had to do more than just buy a ticket to get in.

They also had to pass a breath-alcohol test, which they all did.

"There were no positive readings," said LHS associate principal Matt Brungardt. "It was really a non-issue."

The breath tests were part of a policy adopted by the school board last month requiring all students be tested for alcohol before admission to school-sponsored dances.

Brungardt said between 150 and 200 students attended the dance, typical attendance for a spring semester social function.

Several students said there was an effort to boycott the dance because of the breath tests.

"I didn't see as many people as I normally do," junior Angela Romero said. "Our dances are usually packed by nine."


joshs_mom 11 years, 11 months ago

Good for LHS. And to the students who wanted to boycott, get real. You are not old enough to drink, so when you drink you break the law. Anyone who obtains alcohol for you is also breaking the law. Why should the students who choose to follow the rules have to put up with your obnoxious behavior at a school function? And I think the residents of the neighborhood around LHS might feel a little safer knowing there will hopefully be less drunk teenage drivers on the road after school dances.

mom_of_three 11 years, 11 months ago

I don't know who to believe - the principal who says the attendance is about the same, or the student who says there were less. Some students probably did boycott, and others decided this was a fun dance.
I don't agree with the breathalyzers unless they are used at every school function, and not just dances.
And did you know they also bought them for the junior high just in case??

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