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Owners respond

January 13, 2006


To the editor:

As the owners of Royal Crest Lanes, we truly regret that Karen A. Couch had an unpleasant experience in our establishment on Jan. 4 ("Bad experience," Jan. 9 Public Forum).

Without commenting on the specifics of her complaints, we wish she had asked to see a manager the day she experienced difficulties. We strive to provide a clean, polite atmosphere where all of our customers can have a good time.

We would have liked the opportunity to address Ms. Couch's concerns and take any corrective actions necessary right then. Nevertheless, since publication of her letter, we have taken steps to ensure that the problems she encountered with our employee do not occur again.

Further, we would like to assure her that while equipment does sometimes break down, we do regularly maintain our lanes. It would be foolhardy for us not to. We also constantly inspect our facilities to keep them clean and safe for all our customers.

We do, however, also rely on our customers to advise us when there are problems. We can't bowl on every lane, and unforeseen problems do occur. When problems are reported to management, they are addressed immediately. We believe that is the only responsible way to run a business.

Larry Burton, president,

Wayne Martin, vice president,

Royal Crest Lanes,



SteelHorseRider 12 years, 5 months ago

My family and I used to bowl at the Royal Crest Lanes every Sunday afternoon and never experienced anything but a fun-filled family outing.

kubbfan1 12 years, 5 months ago

Wednesday, I had a chance to speak with Wayne Martin. At the time everything happened I thought I had told the correct people about the problems that had occurred that night, apparently not. None of them bothered to pass this information on to Wayne, the owner. He has taken care of the customer service issue and assured me and my sister that if we have any problems with other bowlers to let him know and he will deal with the issue himself. We got an apology from the employees too. His action and response to this issue has been great. He's the one of nicest guys I've met. The lanes may still break down occasionally, but maybe the customers will now be treated a little better.

Thanks, Wayne. I appreciate everything you have done regarding this problem. KC

JustBecause 12 years, 5 months ago

Hey Plumberscrack do you own a buisness or just think you could do better? A lot of people dont realize how much it cost to run a business let alone a bowling center. The national avgerage to maintain a lane is $700.00 per year. Thats if nothing major goes wrong. They have 40 lanes so that would be $28,000 per year just to maintain the lanes IF all goes WELL. Now throw in all the other cost such as loan payments, taxes, utilities, insurance ect and what you have is a very expensive business to run. I happen to know Larry and Wayne very well and they would do anything for their customer so before you open your mouth maybe you should think about what your saying.

JustBecause 12 years, 5 months ago

Dear Observer.

Your right. But I would say 5 out of 10 times I go to a fast food resturant they mess my order up so I guess we should bash them huh. If your a bowler at any level you would know that machines do break down. Any where you bowl this happens. I was at the womens STATE tournament last year and there was a pair of lanes that were down for 2 hours straight. People need to realize that they are machines and all machines break down. If the bowling center had ESP they could fix it before it breaks but guess what they dont. Of all the bowling centers I have been to (about 50) this one ranks up there in the top 10 as far as being a all around enjoyment to bowl at. So there is your simply logic.

JustBecause 12 years, 5 months ago


weluvbowling 12 years, 5 months ago

These are NOT the dryest lanes in Kansas...try bowling at Skyway (aka DRYWAY) Lanes in Leavenworth...they are under new ownership though so that is being worked on! It takes patience for ALL improvements!

As far as appears to me that you have a "personal vendettta" against the owners of this Bowling Center and IF this personal vendetta is legitimate...then maybe you should settle it elsewhere than in the a BIG BOY and step up to them face to face instead of sitting around at your computer with your plumberscrack hanging out bringing everyone else into your pathetic little corner of built up anger and agression! IF this is not a legitimate btch and you are making up lies just because you were not catered to in a business matter, then you should shut the hll up and go lay down! If you truly are TRYING to take money from the Center (if this is who I think it is)...bowling there every week (Tuesday nights) is not doing that Plumberscrack and neither is bringing in another bowler just to take 50.00 away from the Center (little hint: that adds to what they are bringing and some people talk about educations). As my 11 year old daughter said at the age of 8 D is for DUHHHHHHHH!

I bet if they asked YOU to put in the Bar & Grill you would have been ALL OVER IT! But since they did not, you are wah wahing!

Oh, and someone also stated in another post, I think it was on the first one...about the people at the Center never being able to obtain another job...that is a LAUGH! I know several of these Employees, one who actually builds these lanes all over, another one who works for a major Lawrence Business by day with an upstanding position at that Business, many of them are going to College and working there for "extra" cash, which one should appreciate, another who fills in on occassion works at a local Doctor's office during the day...maybe you should get to know the people that assist you before you judge them because someday you too may have to take on a second job, if not to eat, for the luxuries you would like to have in life OR just because it is something that you enjoy! As far as how many should be there during the daytime...not many if you are not going to be real kills the profit and shoots up the overhead which takes away from any repairs, improvements and any raises that are just deserved.

Man I think I could go on all day! But I won't...I think my point has been received, although probably not perceived (as in the way it should be).

weluvbowling 12 years, 5 months ago

Maybe you just don't bowl for these particular lane conditions, sometimes you have to bowl many places to learn to adjust to the lane conditions. You will never find a house that pleases everyone so you had better get use to that now.

And, no, you did not start either thread but you certainly took the opportunity to run with it, more so than the person with the original gripe.

weluvbowling 12 years, 5 months ago

Mike has a lot of different equipment for the conditions.

Everyone has bad days in bowling, just the other day I watched a pro bowler on TV bowl very poorly.

If the lane conditions are so poor, why are there so many 800's and 300's shot on those lanes? I am sure you have an excuse for that...let's hear it! It seems like if not every week, every other week, on Thursday nights you hear of 300's or darn close to it being bowled. If they were so bad, how could that be?

You may want to check with the local Pro Shop, In The Zone, Jesse gives great lessons and sells balls that allow you to bowl on competitive lanes and knows how to drill them to your needs. He also can change the surface of your current equipment to make them suitable for the lane conditions.

If you are going to continue bowling on Tuesday nights you may want to move left and swing the ball to about the 5 board, it'll come back. smile

weluvbowling 12 years, 5 months ago

Are we the one complaining about bowling bad?

As far as 300's and 800's, I looked at Skyway's board tonight, we still bowl there, and there were 2 shot, as far as 300's, most of those people are house bowlers, they don't bowl anywhere else BUT Skyway. Yes, it is normally the same bowlers who bowl those scores, but, even to them, it is a challenge and a great accomplishment, for anyone! They also spend money on the appropriate equipment for the conditions AND they know how to adjust, they also have been known to throw bad games too, but they get over and know that SH*T HAPPENS!

Also, if we do not like the lane conditions in a house, and they do not work on them, we may say something a couple of times, if they still do nothing, we finish out the season, and move on to someplace that does do something about it.

FYI we send Jesse business at ALL of his locations.

I don't see you holding the average that Mr Weluvbowling has or numerous other bowlers that actually KNOW how to bowl, when you can do that, you can say you know how to bowl, until then, you need some more practice! As for my bowling, I am still learning, personally, I have only been bowling 5 years, never did it before then, so, I have accomplished a lot, if you have been bowling for years. I would say I have accomplished A LOT more than you in just a few short years! At least I am learning how to adjust to conditions.

I still say this is a "personal vendetta" and you won't change my mind on that one...EVER!

kansaskev61 12 years, 5 months ago're both pretty! Larry and Wayne are saint's and the lanes basically suck! Get over it and play putt putt...wait we don't have a miniature golf course in Lawrence anymore.....okay then go into the over priced bar area and kiss and make up!

weluvbowling 12 years, 5 months ago

HA! You just called plumberscrack a girl???!!! Does that mean he has no balls? No wonder he can't bowl!

weluvbowling 12 years, 5 months ago

This is the last time that I will post here as this has gotten to the point of being rediculous.

The owners of the bowling alley have an open door policy. I utilized that Thursday night myself when I was on a pair of lanes that continued to break down. I let Larry know, he said thank you, we had been having issues with that pair of lanes, we now know it still has the issues and we will get on it in the morning, and they did, they are now fixed. But, before I told him which pair I was on, he already knew, as he heard the numerous calls to the back during the league session. The concerns were already being addressed. A prime example of...if you do not say anything they do not know and cannot do anything.

It is obvious that no one will EVER get through to you and it is also obvious that you will NEVER utilize the open door policy, you just like utilizing the hidden spot behind your computer. I do not choose to allow you that use on my behalf. If you do not choose to utilize the open door policy then you either need to shut up or find another bowling center to patronize.

Have fun talking to yourself in this forum and may you find peace of mind somewhere in that miserable little room that you sit and stew in.

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