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Stem-cell-cloning claim determined to be fake

January 10, 2006


— The scientist who was once South Korea's leading researcher faked his claim to have cloned human embryonic stem cells, the university where he conducted his research said today.

Hwang Woo-suk's research team "did not have any proof to show that cloned embryonic stem cells were ever created," an investigating panel at Seoul National University said in a report, disputing claims in Hwang's 2004 paper in the journal Science purporting that he cloned a human embryo and extracted stem cells from it.

The panel found that Hwang's claims last year to have created the world's first cloned dog, however, were genuine.

The university made the announcements as it released the final results into its investigation of Hwang's cloning research, which came into doubt late last year after accusations emerged that the research was fabricated.

Hwang has not made any public appearances since saying he would resign his faculty position last month. His whereabouts are unknown.


gr 12 years, 4 months ago

Scientists NEVER make mistakes and ALWAYS tell the truth.


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