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Old Home Town

January 7, 2006


25 years ago: The City Commission rejected a petition calling for an ordinance to create a plan for downtown development. The 4-1 vote also instructed the city staff to request a "declaratory judgment" from the Douglas County District Court on whether the proposed ordinance in its current form legally could be taken to a citywide vote.

Motorcycle owners apparently had been getting a break on personal property taxes, but a new vehicle registration law going into effect was slowly closing the crack through which they had fallen, officials said. Motorcyclists complained about the measure.

100 years ago: From the Lawrence Daily World for Jan. 7, 1906: "Since gas has been used in the heating plant for the city building, the fire department boys have been noticing that pigeons are being affected adversely when they gather on chimneys to keep warm. A number have died and it is not certain what can be done. One firemen said the pigeons appear 'to be jagged.' : A damage suit against the city may arise from the death of Mrs. Missouri Shane. A bill for $3,000 has come in due to a fall by her last August on a city sidewalk relatives say was poorly maintained. A suit for a much larger sum may be coming."


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