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Positive trend

A reduction in drunken driving arrests would be a great trend for Lawrence in 2006.

January 6, 2006


It's great news that only three people were arrested on New Year's weekend on charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence.

Even better news would be that more responsible drinking is a trend that will last throughout the year.

Various studies have indicated that public attitudes toward drunkenness and particularly drunken driving have changed significantly in recent years. Where intoxicated people once were considered humorous, now they often are greeted with scorn.

Perhaps public disapproval, coupled with stiffer penalties in most states, is having an impact on people's decisions to drink and especially to drink and drive. It would be welcome news if people decide before they take the first drink that drinking irresponsibly simply isn't worth the risk to their reputation or to the safety of themselves and others.

We all should hope that only three drunken driving arrests on one of the most alcohol-oriented holidays of the year is a sign of a new and positive trend in Lawrence.


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