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Bullying decried

January 6, 2006


To the editor:

Jan. 1, the Journal-World published its list of Lawrence top stories.

There is one more news story, "Student reaches $440,000 settlement in sex harassment case," Dec. 24, that should have made the list. A brave student, with the support of his parents, held his school district responsible for the bullying that he endured for years. The lawsuit contended that the student was sexually harassed from seventh grade until he quit school in his junior year. After a 19-month battle, the district's insurance company agreed to pay $440,000 to end the case.

Kudos to this young man and his family for reporting the bullies and for challenging those who did not help him.

In the same edition, another case of bullying was reported, "Student accused of stabbing professor," in which a University of Massachusetts-Lowell assistant professor was stabbed in the neck by a student because the student did not obtain a passing grade. The professor offered to meet the student to discuss the situation, the student became irate and abusive, dragged her from her home, hit her and slashed her neck.

Something can be learned from these cases of sexual, verbal and physical bullying. Not only hurtful to the psyche, bullying also can be hurtful to the body and it can happen at every education level. Bullying creates hostile education environments and those responsible must be stopped and held accountable.

Robert G. Harrington,



Ragingbear 12 years, 2 months ago

Bullys are created by two groups. The parents that encourage and display such behavior, and the school faculty that ignore or even support the behavior... This is thier story.


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