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Construction alters turnpike lanes

January 4, 2006


Construction work on the Kansas Turnpike between Topeka and Lawrence is causing eastbound lane changes this week.

Traffic will be shifted to the outside lanes on the eastbound side starting at milepost 189, which is 5 miles east of Topeka's Kansas Highway 4 interchange, to 2 miles west of the Lecompton interchange at milepost 195.

To prepare for the lane changes, eastbound traffic Tuesday was restricted to one lane between mileposts 193 and 195 but should be open for two-lane traffic by the weekend.

Construction phasing and traffic changes will continue until the completion of the widening project in mid-2007. Drivers on the turnpike can get the latest information about road construction on the radio at 1610 AM or online at


billybeanbag 12 years ago

F.Y.I. The website address mentioned in the article is missing an 'r' it should read

lv2ride 12 years ago

They should have a police officer, sherriff, highway patrol...someone sitting out there at the merge area ticketing the dumb***es who speed past the ones who are waiting in the line of traffic to get to the front...they shouldn't let you people in, they should make you wait longer than you would have if you would've just merged your way in where you were instead of tryng to get to the front..."you people" know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Grow up and learn patience, not to mention safe driving!!! We all want to get where we are going, courtesy goes a long way!!

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