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New turnpike interchange to be built near Tonganoxie

New exit result of 2005 ballot issue approved by Leavenworth County voters

February 24, 2006


The Kansas Turnpike Authority announced today it would build a new turnpike exit near Tonganoxie, about 10 miles east of Lawrence.

The new interchange, which will be built at Milepost 212 on the turnpike, is in response to a ballot issue approved last year by Leavenworth County voters.

Last year, the Leavenworth County Commission got a commitment from KTA to consider the interchange, if county voters approved funding for improvements to a county road leading to it.

The KTA agreed and Leavenworth County voters extended a countywide sales tax.

Some of the revenue from the sales tax was targeted for improving Leavenworth County Road 1, leading to the planned interchange.

After the ballot measure was approved in April, the KTA said it began working on a traffic analysis to see if an interchange was feasible.

"The Kansas Turnpike Authority is pleased that the analysis does show that the proposed interchange is a financially sound investment and is excited about making the Turnpike roadway an alternative travel choice to more customers," the KTA said.

The KTA said under the arrangement, Leavenworth County will be responsible for the cost of upgrading three miles of County Road 1 between Tonganoxie and the new interchange.

The KTA said it will be responsible for the cost of constructing the interchange.


spikey_mcmarbles 9 years ago

Here's a question for the Lawrence - KC turnpike drivers: is milepost 212 near the service area east of Lawrence?

Bobo Fleming 9 years ago

So next is to connect to K-10 thru downtown Eudora. Or even better to go one block east of main street Eudora and get my house. Oh Joy

Anne Bracker 9 years ago

The East Lawrence turnpike entrance is at milepost 204, so it sounds reasonable that the service area is pretty close to 212.

Anne Bracker 9 years ago

Tongie is east of Lawrence - if you take hwy 24 from the Teepee junction, you'll reach it in about 10-15 miles.

The milepost numbers go up as you go east. West Lawrence exit = 202, East Lawrence exit = 204, etc.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

It's kinda about the airport I believe is the rumor.

jcsmom 9 years ago

Where they are talking about putting it is County Road 1 - Which is the quickest way to get from Tongie to Eudora. Tongie is more NE of Lawrence.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Spikey, the rest stop is 5 miles east of the east exit, which is 204, so it would be really close - about 3 miles west of this proposed interchange.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Could that have been more confusing?

Lecompton - mm 197 West Lawrence - mm 202 East Lawrence - mm 204 Rest Stop - mm 209 Interchange - mm 212

topflight 9 years ago

Again, Lawrence is dropping the ball on this. We could ease up so much congestion if they would connect the turnpike onto K-10 like someone already mentioned. OR, if they would just finish the damn K-10 bypass, just do it, the wetlands are serving no purpose. The needs of the many outway the needs of a few. The many being us who fight through Lawrence to get to work, the few being those opposing going through a mosquito infested, west nile breeding crap whole. As you can see, you know how i feel. Just my opinion.

jcsmom 9 years ago

The only reason that this is being done is because Leavenworth county is the only county in Kansas that does not have a toll booth exit.

Bobo Fleming 9 years ago

The plan is to go south of the exit on county road 1 to Eudora and to K-10. The only question is what to do with Eudora. In the past the Kansas River would have solved that problem but due to flood control and other socialist projects Eudora is now high and dry. Therefore there is the problem t hat Eudora lies right in the way of connecting road 1 with K-10. I have in the past offered my house up as a sacrifice to urban renewal and to help ease the way thru town but no one has taken me up on this so still at the time Eudora is in the way.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

jcsmom, you mean a county that the turnpike passes through? And is this right? All the counties with the turnpike in them have an exit booth?

jcsmom 9 years ago

Gootsie - My parents live in Tongie and had to vote on the issue and that is what they said in the meeting that they went to. A wonderful way to spend our tax dollars

orchid 9 years ago

topflight- It's unfortunate and disheartening that you consider the Wetlands a crap hole. I have to use that route daily, and don't feel that the few minutes I might potentially save with a million-dollar bypass is worth the destruction of that preserve. Have you ever walked the Wetlands? If you haven't, it would be worth the time to discover why so many people don't want to see it ruined.

jcsmom 9 years ago

Orchid - I drive the same route and I hate seeing the wetlands - I honestly would prefer something to be there.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 9 years ago

Yeah, too bad there aren't a bunch of ticky tack houses, Starbucks, and a SuperWalMarts there. You just don't have nearly enough places to shop. Let's get rid of those ugly cranes, and those stupid geese, who make too much noise. And, lets kill all those frogs and other wild life who eat the mosquitos. That way they would be free to spread West Nile quicker. Let's just pave everything, including jcsmom's yard. I can't believe a mom would want to destroy the earth that her kids will inherit. Some mom you are. Who cares about them, you'll be dead anyway, right? Or where is your church? Let's put a road through it; I'm tired of looking at it.

Curious 9 years ago

If you build it . . . Except THEY are here already with more arriving every day! Guys, move out!!!!!!! We won't need all these roads if one moves out for every one that moves in.

As for the frogs and cranes and geese - they will find homes. Don't doubt it! I think the proposal is to build them a larger home.

pimp11 9 years ago

who many of you are actually going to use it!

Godot 9 years ago

This is a Leavenworth county thing. It doesn't matter wbat Douglas County residents think about it. Leavenworth Countians are willing to pay for it, so, it must be worth it to them.

Look out Douglas County, Leavenworth County is sneaking up on you in terms of vision.

gccs14r 9 years ago

I thought Interstates were supposed to be limited access. At the rate that they keep adding exits, it's going to look like 23rd street before long.

gccs14r 9 years ago

"Look out Douglas County, Leavenworth County is sneaking up on you in terms of vision."

If their vision of the future is wall-to-wall pavement, they're welcome to it.

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

Do remember that Leavenworth county is part of the greater KC metro area. This exit will somewhat speed up the journey to and from work for those commuting from Tonganoxie to other parts of the metro. Being from Leavenworth, I fully support there finally being an exit in our county.

As someone else said, this isnt a Douglas county issue. So if you dont support it, move on to a different topic.

topflight 9 years ago

So you are telling me it is just beautiful walking through the swamp. Yes, it is swamp. You act like walking throught the wetlands is like walking on a beach in Hawaii. Get real, it is man made. We can man make another one. And if you really have a problem with them paving everything, then you had better face reality. Lawrence is growing rapidly, and we need to keep up with that growth before it is to late. It is already to late for 23rd and Iowa streets, only option is the Bypass.

jwmound 9 years ago

It's all about county money....
And able bodied minds.. Which is which and who has what...? If Douglas county wants a turnpike... K10... SLT.. whatnot... Guess somebody has to do some damn good budgeting...
and not spend it on mindless bullshiste

gccs14r 9 years ago

"So you are telling me it is just beautiful walking through the swamp."

You've obviously never set foot on the place. It's very peaceful, except for the nearby roar of Lawrence. As for your man-made comment, no. It was a natural wetland, then man came along and tried to drain it. Later men realized that it was a bad idea to do that and repaired the damage. If we could get rid of Clinton Dam, that would be even better.

"Lawrence is growing rapidly, and we need to keep up with that growth before it is to late."

Quit building and they can't come. Growth isn't necessary.

topflight 9 years ago

Yes, growth is necessary. Are you telling me that we should just tell people to stop moving to Lawrence. You make no sense. Peaceful, your telling me mosquito's giving me west nile is peaceful. I have no urge to walk in there. I have driven by it enough to see that it makes me sick. Makes me think of a big ditch were the water will not drain and just stays there till it turns green and stinks. Well i have a job for you, when they buld K-10 Bypass through there, you can go out with you net and buckets, and pick up frogs and catch mosquitos. Here is the slogan: Drain It, Doze it, Develop It.

gccs14r 9 years ago

"Are you telling me that we should just tell people to stop moving to Lawrence."

If there is no open housing available, they can't move here. Wanna move in? Convince someone else to move out.

"Peaceful, your telling me mosquito's giving me west nile is peaceful. "

Leave the ecosystem alone and the mosquitoes will be eaten. I've not been out there for quite awhile, but I never had much trouble with mosquitoes down there. I have many more and more aggressive mosquitoes in my back yard.

"Makes me think of a big ditch were the water will not drain and just stays there till it turns green and stinks."

Now I know you've never been out there. A healthy ecosystem doesn't do that.

Curtis Lange 9 years ago

gccs14r, you seem to have some very misguided views on how cities grow.

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