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Highlights from the Kansas Legislature

February 15, 2006


Highlights of Tuesday's activities at the Kansas Legislature:

¢ The House voted 121-1 to send the Senate a bill raising the minimum age for marriage to 18. Teens aged 16 and 17 could still get married with consent of one parent.

¢ A Senate panel was told that a proposal to limit protesting and picketing at funerals would fail to meet a constitutional challenge because of restrictions over the distance between protesters and the funeral.


¢ A House committee heard testimony to require inspections and regulations for all office-based surgeries, including abortions and colonoscopies, aimed at improving health safety. The committee took no action on the bill.

¢ Senators gave tentative approval to a bill allowing Kansans to donate a portion of their tax refund to two causes, military benefits and breast cancer research at the University of Kansas.

¢ A bill to allow local governments to begin the consolidation process won first-round approval in the Senate.

¢ The Senate gave first-round approval to a bill banning Kansans committed to mental hosptials from possessingt firearms.

Clock is ticking:

Tuesday was the 37th day of the session, out of 90 scheduled. The count includes weekends because legislators still get paid.


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