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Daredevils, Hawks bring energy to court

Bennett leads team with five goals in Rookie game shut out

February 15, 2006


Two young teams battled on the Futsal court Saturday morning at the East Lawrence Center. The Daredevils and Hawks brought limitless energy and intensity, but the Daredevils came out on top with a shutout, 10-0.

The first half belonged to Jarod Bennett, mohawk and all, who scored the first three goals to complete a hat trick before the first period was half over. In a play that exemplified the Daredevils teamwork and passing skills, Carter Ison passed a ball in front of a streaking Bennett, who put it past the goalkeeper for his third score. Eli Goldman anchored the Daredevil defense and was key in saving many potential goals and clearing the goalie box. Goldman and Logan Dedloff combined for three more goals to give the Devils a 6-0 halftime lead.

"We did a good job kicking passes and scoring goals when we had the chances," Goldman said.

A lack of scoring certainly didn't mean a lack of effort from the Hawks. Forward tandem Theo Karlsson and Patrick Jensen led the Hawks' charge and each had multiple shots on goal, but simply weren't able to get them past Goldman and the Daredevil goalkeepers. Neither player let up and continued to play at a high energy level throughout the game. Karlsson said he enjoyed playing, but admitted his team needed to work on some things before their next game.

"It's fun to play with all your friends," Karlsson said. "But to win we need to make better passes and shoot harder."

The Hawks kicked their defense up a notch during the second half and kept the pressure on the Daredevils players. Bennett started the half in the same fashion, drilling his first shot past the goalie for his fourth goal. Ison also came up with another big assist with a smooth pass across the net to Dedloff for the score. That type of teamwork enabled the Daredevils to counter the Hawks' pressure defense and push the ball downcourt.

With just a few minutes left, Bennett decided he still wasn't done scoring and received a corner kick from Goldman, which he nailed to the back of the net for a game-high fifth goal. The goals, like his mohawk, are "just his style."

"The mohawk started on crazy hair day at school," coach Nicolette Bennett said. "It just hasn't gone away, so maybe it's a little lucky."

Luck or no luck, Bennett's offense definitely helped the Daredevils get a big win. The Daredevils offensive firepower combined with a stiff defense to shut out a tough Hawks squad.


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