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In the Halls: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

February 14, 2006


Yasha Sangam, senior, Free State High School

"I made a few valentines to give out to my friends, and I'm going to bake a Valentine's Day cake."

DeRon Jackson, senior, FSHS

"I'm going to take my girl out to eat and to the movies. We'll probably just try to spend as much time together as possible because we don't get to see each other as much as we should."

Hannah Hutchison, senior, FSHS

"I wish I had someone to go out with, but I don't really have anything planned. I'll just be going to a basketball game."

Bryant Peterson, junior, FSHS

"I think my dad and I are taking my mom out to eat."

Miriam Torkzadeh, junior, FSHS

"My boyfriend has to work all day, so I don't have any plans. I'm probably just going to hang out with my girlfriends."

Jamar Reese, junior, FSHS

"I might bring a gift to give a random girl at school, try and find a sweetheart to be my valentine."

Tarah Schmidt,



"I'm going to a Valentine's party with a bunch of my friends."

Daniel Bergman, senior, FSHS

"I'm going to give my girlfriend six roses in a Nalgene bottle that she wanted - one for each month we've been together."


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